Grand Theft Auto III – THE EXCHANGE (4K) The Definitive Edition | Episode ~ 150


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Transcript: Hello and welcome back to the one hundred and fiftieth episode of this GTA III The Definitive Edition video game series. Right now, we’re gonna jump in our BF Injection and head over to Cedar Grove, where we will meet up with Catalina and drop off five hundred-thousand GTA dollars in cash. So this is it, we’re finally here. The very final mission/episode of the video game playthrough. It’s been a good journey and experience. And I hope you picked up something new, figured something out by following the videos. Or just enjoyed watching it. So here we go, this is ‘The Exchange‘.

Eat that elbow! Get Catalina! And there goes five hundred thousand. We’ve lost all of our weapons. So, we must collect all the weapons and ammunition along the way. And there is a timer of about seven minutes by looks of it. So, time is of the essence here. No dawdling! Alright, there is Body Armour. We didn’t lose too much but, we’ll just replenish it. Follow the chopper to find Catalina. We’re coming after ya women! All the betrayal, lies and deceit that you’ve done towards us. You gonna get it! Take a little shortcut down here. That’s right, this is the way you gotta go.

Um so, we haven’t got our full stock of ammunition so, we’ll lure these guys out at least and try and run them over. Oh, get outta here guys, this ain’t safe. Alright, we’re gonna Infinite Sprint here, because we’ve already wasted a lot of time. It is a great perk in the game right now. What’s that? We got a Sniper Rifle. It will come in handy. There’s just a Flatbed sitting there. Alright, we are gonna whip out the M-16 right now. Cause there’s gonna be an incoming Flatbed that we’re gonna hip fire. Might even keep using this and spray future enemies. Okay, we missed the first barrage of Catalina. Here she comes, missed us.

Alright, we’re not gonna make it there in time so lets hide over here. Should be outta harms way. And theirs Maria, howdy. Alright, this is it. We have a Rocket Launcher! Can we take this wench out? Into the drink! So there we have it. That was Grand Theft Auto III The Definitive Edition video game series (100% playthrough). So, before we sign off completely. I just wanna mention that we were awarded one million GTA dollars. So, we almost broke eight million dollars throughout this playthrough. As you can see, we’ve lost all of our weapons, but that’s okay. And before we cut this off. I might quickly go through the stats and see what statistics we have done. So, our…

  • Criminal rating: Boss (11451)
  • Percentage completed: 100%
  • Mission attempts: 73
  • Missions passed: 73 out of 73
  • Hidden packages found: 100 out of 100
  • Unique Jumps Completed: 20 out of 20
  • Days passed in game: 90
  • Vehicles exploded: 333
  • Times busted: 0
  • Hospital visits: 0
  • Gang members wasted: 604
  • Criminals wasted: 83
  • Helicopters destroyed: 9
  • Kgs of explosives used: 98
  • Accuracy: 64
  • Best Turismo time in secs: 189
  • Patriot Playground in secs: 253
  • A Ride In The Park in secs: 93
  • Gripped! in secs: 243
  • Multistorey Mayhem in secs: 92
  • Longest flight in Dodo: 4
  • Best time for bomb defusal: 189
  • Vehicles crushed: 2
  • Bling-Bling Scramble: 13
  • Gang cars totalled | Diablo Destruction: 2, Mafia Massacre: 5, Casino Calamity: 7, Rumpo Rampage: 4
  • Dist. travelled on foot (miles): 37.82
  • Dist. travelled by car (miles): 539.84
  • Mm rain fallen: 390
  • Max. INSANE Jump dist. (ft): 313.96
  • Max. INSANE Jump height (ft): 29.51
  • Max. INSANE Jump flips: 1
  • Max. INSANE Jump rotation: 226
  • Best INSANE stunt so far: Perfect insane stunt
  • Passengers dropped off: 100
  • Cash made in Taxi: 149307
  • People saved in an Ambulance: 78
  • Highest Paramedic Mission level: 12
  • Criminals killed on Vigilante Mission: 60
  • Total fires extinguished: 60
  • Daily police spending: 352832

And that’s it. I hope you enjoyed it and I’ll see you on the next one!

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