Grand Theft Auto III – TURISMO (4K) The Definitive Edition | Episode ~ 017

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Transcript: Hello and welcome back to the seventeenth mission and episode of GTA III The Definitive Edition. And last episode we managed to complete Joey Leone’s questline or missionline. So now we’re gonna detour from the main compulsory missions and do an optional payphone mission. And in the minimap on the bottom left-hand screen you can see a blue phone blimp displaying and that’s where we’re gonna be going today and see what we can discover. I do need a car though that’s better than that. Awe this guy.

Oh my god. Unbelievable! Ha, alright. Unfortunate, I do like Diablo Stallion’s. Awe police right there, just missed us. Alright so, Esperanto might be good enough. Not sure cause I believe It’s a race. ‘Turismo‘. Alright, first race and I’ve never actually done this before so I don’t know the level of difficulty. This handles pretty well. Good sign. Sure It’s not the quickest car but it might be good enough. Sometimes speed doesn’t make the best choice because it could explode early, go too quick and crash easier. Alright, looks like we’ve made it.

Awe, look at that car! So their’s three racers plus me. And they look like they’ve got some nice cars so, alright so we got, where we going? Okay. So the bright pink, not the purple colour. Purple must be the upcoming or one of the upcoming ah, checkpoints. Awe! I don’t know if I need to come first. I will like to try and get that but for the self-esteem ha. But I’ll take second if it passes the mission, all good. Awe, I don’t know how many checkpoints there are. Don’t you flip me over. Ah that was bad. Awe Jeebers. And just like that third place.

Definitely glad it was night time for this race. It’s visually, visually aesthetic. Quick pit stop to Ammu-Nation ha ha. Oh. Starting to get a feel for this vehicle now. Awe yes I’ve got a bit of a gap. Awe there we go, that’s the end. One eighty-nine seconds, beautiful. Alright, well we know what to do from here. Head back and save it. That was a fun mission. There we go. Hope you enjoyed the episode that was the ‘Turismo’ and I’ll see you on the next episode!

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