Grand Theft Auto III – THE GETAWAY (4K) The Definitive Edition | Episode ~ 016

Transcript: Hello and welcome back to our sixteenth episode of GTA III The Definitive Edition. And this today is going to be the final Joey Leone mission. As mentioned previously in the last, It’s missable and optional at the same time. So we’re gonna save the game over that to advance the time. And I think it was 5 am it opens so we should be good I hope. I already damaged the vehicle before even getting out, that’s how bad this thing is.

It’s been pretty enjoyable working with Joey Leone. I think he’s a good character in this game. This van is so heavy when it turns and the braking’s horrendous. I mean, I expected nothing less to be honest. Alright, here we are. Gonna miss this guy. ‘The Getaway‘. We gotta timer? I mean, not in that vehicle I’m getting anywhere fast. Be crashing into everything. Even that car couldn’t brake in time, he still hit me. I wish I could in this car. Happy now? I’ll speed for you NPC. This is gonna be interesting.

I wonder if I need to drive in there. Getaway vehicle idiot. Right ha ha. That’s funny. So this is the first time I’ve played this, so I don’t know what’s coming my way. Which makes it fun anyway that way. Element of surprise. Is always good. Oh no. There’s gonna be police everywhere. Three stars in this Jesus. Where’s the police at? Usually their smashing into ya left, right and centre. Ah nice. And there’s a chopper, It’s a bit late though.

Much better colour. And that is ‘The Getaway’ completed my friend. And, It’s good that we’re progressing throughout the missions but, I did like Joey Leone. He will be missed. Rest in peace. Oh. Guy’s just walking around with a baseball bat in his hand, so is that guy. Oh my god drive! Alrighty. Episode and mission sixteen is complete. Hope you enjoyed this episode and I’ll catch you on the next exhilarating episode.

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