Grand Theft Auto III – DEAD SKUNK IN THE TRUNK (4K) The Definitive Edition | Episode ~ 015

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Note to Viewer: No sound is playing during 1:14 4:26 YouTube found copyrighted music in the Mafia Sentinel. Regardless, commentary in added in the transcript.

Transcript: Hello and welcome back to the six, fifteenth episode sorry of GTA III the Definitive Edition. And today we’ll just continue on working with Joey Leone over at his auto factory. It’s quite late so I might have to save it twice. And off we trot strutting. And we’ll jump in our, what is this? Mafia Sentinel. Woah, almost got hit. Okay. This car handles nicely and it looks pretty nice as well. And from memory it is what the Leone family’s, Leone family uses for he’s cars. ‘Dead Skunk In The Trunk‘. Awe. So let’s go find this vehicle.

I’d imagine from what he said, we’ll have to take the car to 8-Ball’s crushing compound. So we got a stiff in the trunk going through rigor mortis. Um wait. Nifty looking car. It’s awe. I was gonna say there was some suspicious cars hanging around. So this mission is actually missable. So It’s also optional, so you don’t have to do it but if you want to get one-hundred percent game completion you need to finish this and I believe the next Joey Leone mission before ah completing ah Salvatore Leone’s mission. Like the last one that you do with him, I forget the name. Awe this guy. Alright I’m gonna have to concentrate a little.

Awe guy. Awe there was a police officer, I almost hit him. He’s still after me, they. Wait this isn’t 8-Ball’s compound. He’s over at the other spot. Anyway. Ew okay, I thought they would of left me. Don’t want it to blow me up. Where’s that other car gone? He’s got a weapon here, just a pistol. No sweat. Enjoy the scenery of err, airplane flying through, two actually. I’m gonna go read this. Park in the marked area and exit your vehicle. The vehicle will then be crushed. As practised. Can we take this guy’s car? Whoa, that was weird. That’s weird! So he’s like stuck their. If I go from this side nope, won’t let me.

Looks like we’re taking this rust bucket. Not really a rust bucket but paint all looks scratchy looking. I should probably give that guy a nudge out there, now that he’s probably not hostile. Forelli brother. Alright, time to go save as we do at the end of every mission. Ew. Heavy braking in this vehicle. There’s the phone booth location that we’ll be participated in, not this mission, not the next one but the following. Theirs my vehicle that I’m in. Oh. This car’s horrendous. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you on the next episode.

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