Grand Theft Auto III – CIPRIANI’S CHAUFFEUR (4K) The Definitive Edition | Episode ~ 014

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Transcript: Hello and welcome back to the fourteenth episode of this GTA series. And the fourteenth mission, not in chronological order of cause. Somewhat but, the payphone missions weren’t meant to be played in the way it was but, I’m not following it by the book. Okay, looking at the time, I’m gonna have to go back quickly, save it. Advance some of the time. ‘Van Heist’. It’s a nice looking Karuma right their.

Not a bad car either for this game. Car that’s stood the test of time in the GTA series. Jesus. Any more Securicars you want to cracked? Bring them to our garage in the Portland Harbor. Okay. ‘Cipriani’s Chauffeur‘. No worries! I can drive safely. ohh. Minus a bit of off-terrain. Illegally. Just a little bit of fancy crap, there you go. It is hammering down rain. Got ya Cipriani. Mr. Wongs Laundrette (If It Ain’t Wong It Ain’t White) LOL.

God dammit. Triads. Were you shot Cipriani. Baseball bats no match for two pistols. Okay. Adios! Mission passed! That was pretty simple. ‘Got Any Stories, Old Man?’ Unlocked. I don’t remember seeing that last time. The Uzi is now in stock at Ammu-Nation. That’s not the micro SMG is it? Where are we? I might have to make a quick detour and pit stop at AmmuNation to see the Uzi.

I’m sure it will come in handy. Better be, better to be prepared. Awe, let’s not go that way. Run a few people over down there. Awe! My bad but your bad. Eight-hundred a pop. So it is the micro SMG a.k.a Uzi. Nice! That’ll do. Righty-o we’ll go back and save it. Shortcut. Ew that was pretty amateur. Save this vehicle. Interesting music. And I’ll end the video there and I’ll see y’all in the next episode.

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