Grand Theft Auto III – SECURICAR ‘Import/Export: Portland Docks Garage’ (4K) The Definitive Edition | Episode ~ 125


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Transcript: Hello and welcome back to the one-hundred and twenty-fifth episode of this GTA III The Definitive Edition video game series. Right now, we’re down to our final two vehicles for our Import/Export Exchange List at Portland Harbor.

And, I wanna head into Chinatown just here and stick around sorta there, and St.Marks. Hovering between hostile Triads and hostile Leone Mafia’s. Trying to randomly spawn our next vehicle. So not only if we do spawn it. It’s gonna be hard to get out, in some circumstances.

If we get rushed by a horde of Triads, It’s never a good thing in a slow vehicle. And, that is the armoured ‘Securicar‘ right there! Here it is. Alright, can we get outta this? Yes, don’t shoot us. Alright, we’re going right outta town avoiding hostility. Yes! Gruppe Sechs. I wonder what that implies? I wonder!

Alright, so we have the Securicar. Cross that off the list buddy. So, that’s fifteen vehicles crossed off the list. Leaving us with one final vehicle. The Blista. So, let’s head back to Portland Hideout and prepare for the next vehicle. Ain’t got time for that today Mr. Officer. I hope you enjoyed this episode and I’ll see you on the next!

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