Grand Theft Auto III – VAN HEIST (4K) The Definitive Edition | Episode ~ 013

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Transcript: Hello and welcome back to the thirteenth mission and episode of my GTA series. Ah. Today we gonna stick with Joey Leone. Back in the driver’s seat. Let’s see what Joey has to offer today. ten-forty a.m. This should be able to activate. Whoops! What have we got in store? ‘Van Heist‘ Hopefully it only takes, oh no it will take a couple of hits so hmm. Sure this car won’t do for the whole duration of the attack. Okay, closing in on the van, or the armoured vehicle. Alright. Hmm. That, you know what. I’m gonna hijack this bus cause that’s gonna have enough endurance I believe.

Unfortunately I got seen by the police. Look at that damage caused. Well I don’t like that there’s a police after. Mr. police man leave me alone. Two stars, no! How convenient this bus was located right there. Made this task that much easier. Okay, let’s get some distance between that police vehicle. Sprint. Oh come on. I don’t like this at all. Okay, I’m gonna have to shoot here. I don’t wanna risk getting yanked out the vehicle. Okay. We’re in an armoured vehicle so, blowing up shouldn’t be an issue I’d imagine. Here comes the chopper. But we’ve arrived basically so, no sweat. Surprisingly easy mission.

Lost our three stars and theirs the vehicle stored. Mission passed! And we’ll. ‘El Burro wants to offer you an opportunity. Get to the payphone in Hepburn Heights if you want more info’. Okay, so now cause of that message that little sidekick their. We’ve activated the visible payphone missions. Recently completed the non-visible payphone missions. And once we finish Joey Leone’s line of – mission line we’ll take on those payphone missions I believe. Might be the next best step. Now we’ll take this nice Karuma all the way back to Portland’s safe house.

Save the game and that’s it. But, since that was a reasonably quick episode I believe. I’m gonna quickly make a stop at Ammu-Nation cause It’s right there. It’s just that I don’t know what’s installed, future episodes so, It’s best to be prepared. Okay, so I can only get the pistol still. Can’t hurt to get a few more rounds. Might even get two more if it let’s me. One, It’s only two-hundred and fifty dollars a pop. One more, that’s plenty. I was hoping the micro sub-machine gun was available. Store the Karuma. There we go. Hope you enjoyed this video and I’ll see you on the next episode.

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