Final Fantasy X (FF 10) | HD Remaster (100% Checklist)



  • The quests laid before you have been completed in a chronologically strategic way!
  • This is a unique playthrough style and takes into account the fiends types encountered during the gameplay.
  • The chart also displays Save Sphere info, that ascend in increments every time a save is made at that specific save location.
  • This playthrough was experienced and produced by Mission Questline.
  • This guide does aim to complete all accessible quests/tasks within Spira, prior to progressing to the next major location.
  • Some of these tasks can be completed at any time.
  • If you wish to recreate our experience, or craft your very own playthrough style.
  • This guide is printable and can be used as a point of reference.
  • Consider this as a ‘Tidus’ whereabouts checklist.
  • To print, just click the print feature within the social share icons.
  • I hope this can help your Final Fantasy X | HD Remaster gaming experience in any which way, shape or form.
  • Hopefully, you enjoy the game experience as much as I did, FFX enthusiasts!
Ep. #001Zanarkand Save Sphere 1Save Sphere (1)ZanarkandN/ASinscale, Sinspawn Ammes
Ep. #002Submerged Ruins Final Fantasy X HD RemasterSave Sphere (1)Submerged Ruins
Underwater Hall
N/ASinscale, Tanker
Ep. #003FFX HD Remaster Submerged Ruins GeosgaenoSave Sphere (1)Submerged Ruins HallN/ASahagin, Geosgaeno
Ep. #004FFX Salvage Ship HD RemasterSave Sphere (1)Salvage Ship DeckWithered Bouquet,
Ep. #005FFX Underwater RuinsSave Sphere (1)Underwater RuinsAl Bhed Primer Vol. IPiranha
Ep. #006FFX Wakka Besaid Beach HD RemasterSave Sphere (1)Besaid BeachMoon CrestPiranha, Tron
Ep. #007Besaid Promontory FFX Besaid IslandSave Sphere (1)Besaid PromontoryN/APiranha
Ep. #008FFX Besaid Village Tidus and WakkaSave Sphere (1)Besaid Crusaders LodgeAl Bhed Primer Vol. IIN/A
Ep. #009FFX Besaid Temple Cloister Of Trials HD RemasterSave Sphere (2)Besaid Crusaders Lodge (Cloister Of Trials)N/AN/A
Ep. #010FFX Kimahri Fight SceneSave Sphere (1)S.S. LikiN/ADingo, Condor, Water Flan, Kimahri, Garuda
Ep. #011FFX Kilika DockSave Sphere (1)Kilika PortAl Bhed Primer Vol. IIISinscale, Sin, Sinspawn Echuilles
Ep. #012FFX Kilika Yuna SendingSave Sphere (1)Kilika InnN/AN/A
Ep. #013FFX Kilika Woods EntranceSave Sphere (1)Kilika WoodsAl Bhed Primer Vol. IVN/A
Ep. #014FFX Pilgrimage Road KilikaSave Sphere (1)Kilika Pilgrimage RoadN/ARagora, Yellow Element, Killer Bee, Dinonix, Lord Ochu
Ep. #015FFX Kilika Great HallSave Sphere (1)Kilika Great HallN/ASinspawn Geneaux, Geneaux’s Tentacle
Ep. #016FFX Kilika Temple Chamber Of FaythSave Sphere (2)Kilika Great Hall
(Cloister Of Trials)
Ep. #017FFX S.S. Winno CorridorSave Sphere (1)S.S. Winno CorridorN/ADinonix, Yellow Element, Killer Bee
Ep. #018FFX LucaSave Sphere (1)Luca
Number 2 Dock
Al Bhed Primer Vol. VN/A
Ep. #019FFX Luca Blitzball SphereSave Sphere (1)Luca
Number 4 Dock
Al Bhed Primer Vol. VI,
Al Bhed Primer Vol. VII
Ep. #020FFX Besaid Aurochs Locker Room LucaSave Sphere (1)Luca Stadium
Locker Room
N/ACrane, Oblitzerator
Ep. #021FFX Maester Seymour Guado Summons Anima LucaSave Sphere (1)Luca Stadium
Main Gate
N/ASahagin Chief, Vouivre, Garuda
Ep. #022FFX Mi-ihen Highroad South End EntranceSave Sphere (1)Mi’ihen Highroad
South End
Jupiter CrestN/A
Ep. #023FFX Rin's Mi'ihen Highroad Travel AgencySave Sphere (1)Mi’ihen Highroad
N/ARaldo, Dual Horn, White Element, Floating Eye, Mi’ihen Fang, Ifrit, Bomb
Ep. #024FFX Auron Mi'ihen Rin AgencySave Sphere (2)Mi’ihen Highroad
Rin Travel Agency
Al Bhed Primer Vol. VIIIChocobo Eater
Ep. #025FFX Mi'ihen Oldroad South End LucilSave Sphere (1)Mi’ihen Highroad
Oldroad South
Al Bhed Primer Vol. IXMi’ihen Fang, Floating Eye, Raldo, Bomb, Dual Horn, White Element, Vouivre, Thunder Flan, Ipiria
Ep. #026FFX Mi'ihen Highroad North End Luzzu and GattaSave Sphere (1)Mi’ihen Highroad
North End
Mars CrestFloating Eye, Vouivre, Thunder Flan, Dual Horn, Ipiria, Bomb
Ep. #027FFX Mushroom Rock Road Seymour GuadoSave Sphere (1)Mushroom Rock
N/AFloating Eye, Vouivre, Thunder Flan, Ipiria, Dual Horn
Ep. #028FFX Mushroom Rock Precipice Wakka Punches LuzzuSave Sphere (1)Mushroom Rock PrecipiceAl Bhed Primer Vol. XGandarewa, Raptor, Red Element, Lamashtu, Funguar, Garuda
Ep. #029FFX Maester Wen Kinoc Mushroom Rock Ridge Command CentreSave Sphere (1)Mushroom Rock
Ep. #030FFX Mushroom Rock Road Beach Aftermath SinSave Sphere (1)Mushroom Rock
Beach Aftermath
N/ASinspawn Gui
Ep. #031FFX Djose Highroad Kimahri TalksSave Sphere (1)Djose HighroadN/AN/A
Ep. #032FFX Djose Temple OpeningSave Sphere (1)Djose TempleAl Bhed Primer Vol. XIRaptor, Lamashtu, Funguar, Basilisk, Bite Bug, Garm, Bunyip, Snow Flan, Gandarewa
Ep. #033FFX Djose Temple Barthello Shakes Auron HandSave Sphere (2)Djose Temple
(Cloister Of Trials)
Ep. #034FFX Moonflow Lake South WharfSave Sphere (1)Moonflow
South Wharf
Summoner’s SoulGandarewa, Snow Flan, Basilisk, Garm, Bunyip, Ochu, Bite Bug, Ixion
Ep. #035FFX Moonflow North Bank AreaSave Sphere (1)Moonflow
North Wharf
Ep. #036FFX Tromell Guado GuadosalamSave Sphere (1)Guadosalam
Al Bhed Primer Vol. XII???, Bunyip, Bite Bug, Garm, Ochu
Ep. #037FFX Gandof Thunder Plains RikkuSave Sphere (1)Thunder Plains
Al Bhed Primer Vol. XIII,
Venus Crest
Melusine, Kusariqqu, Aerouge
Ep. #038FFX Thunder Plains Agency RikkuSave Sphere (1)Thunder Plains
N/AMelusine, Buer, Gold Element, Larva, Aerouge, Kusariqqu
Ep. #039FFX Rin's Travel Agency Room Thunder Plains Jyscal Sphere.Save Sphere (2)Thunder Plains
Rin Travel Agency
Al Bhed Primer Vol. XIVQactuar, Buer, Iron Giant, Kusariqqu, Gold Element, Melusine, Aerouge, Larva
Ep. #040FFX Qactaur Thunder Plains NorthSave Sphere (1)Thunder Plains
N/AIron Giant, Larva, Buer, Kusariqqu, Gold Element, Qactuar, Melusine, Aerouge
Ep. #041FFX Rikku Macalania Woods SouthSave Sphere (1)Macalania Woods
N/AAerouge, Kusariqqu, Melusine, Buer, Gold Element, Iron Giant, Larva
Ep. #042FFX Chimera Macalania WoodsSave Sphere (1)Macalania Woods
Lake Road
N/AChimera, Xiphos, Murussu, Iguion, Wasp, Blue Element
Ep. #043FFX Macalania Woods Spring Jecht's SphereSave Sphere (2)Macalania Woods Lake Road
(Jecht’s Sphere 1/10)
Al Bhed Primer Vol. XV,
Jecht’s Sphere
Ep. #044FFX Macalania Woods South Jecht's SphereSave Sphere (2)Macalania Woods South
(Jecht’s Sphere 2/10)
Jecht’s SphereN/A
Ep. #045Jecht's Sphere Thunder Plains South FFXSave Sphere (2)Thunder Plains South
(Jecht’s Sphere 3/10)
Jecht’s SphereQactuar, Kusariqqu, Buer, Gold Element, Iron Giant, Melusine, Aerouge, Larva
Ep. #046Moonflow South Wharf Jecht's Sphere FFXSave Sphere (2)Moonflow South Wharf
(Jecht’s Sphere 4/10)
Jecht’s SphereAerouge, Melusine, Kusariqqu, Bite Bug, ???, Garm, Bunyip
Ep. #047Auron's Sphere Mushroom Rock Precipice FFXSave Sphere (2)Mushroom Rock Precipice
(Auron’s Sphere 5/10)
Jecht’s SphereBite Bug, Ochu, Garm, Snow Flan, Bunyip, Gandarewa, Funguar, Simurgh, Basilisk, Raptor, Lamashtu, Red Element, Dual Horn, Vouivre, Floating Eye, Ipiria, Bomb
Ep. #048FFX Jecht's Sphere Mi'ihen Oldroad SouthSave Sphere (2)Mi’ihen Highroad
Oldroad South
(Jecht’s Sphere 6/10)
Jecht’s SphereRaptor, Funguar, Gandarewa, Lamashtu, Red Element, Floating Eye, Vouivre, Ipiria, Thunder Flan
Ep. #049Jecht's Sphere Luca Locker Room FFXSave Sphere (2)Luca Stadium
Locker Room
(Jecht’s Sphere 7/10)
Jecht’s SphereN/A
Ep. #050Jecht's Sphere S.S. Liki FFXSave Sphere (2)Besaid Beach
(Jecht’s Sphere 8/10)
Jecht’s SphereN/A
Ep. #051FFX Jecht's Sphere Location Besaid VillageSave Sphere (3)Besaid
Crusaders Lodge
(Jecht’s Sphere 9/10)
Jecht’s SphereDingo, Water Flan, Condor
Ep. #052FFX Blitzball Tournament 1 Besaid PromontorySave Sphere (2)Besaid
(Tournament 1)
N/ACondor, Water Flan
Ep. #053FFX Aurochs VS Psyches Besaid BeachSave Sphere (3)Besaid
(Tournament 1)
N/ADingo, Condor, Water Flan
Ep. #054FFX Attack Reels Game Luca Stadium Main GateSave Sphere (2)Luca Stadium
Main Gate
(Attack Reels)
Ep. #055FFX Besaid VS Ronso Mi'ihen Highroad South EndSave Sphere (2)Mi’ihen Highroad
(League 1)
Ep. #056FFX Blitzball League Mi'ihen Highroad NorthSave Sphere (2)Mushroom Rock Aftermath
(League 1)
Ep. #057FFX Blitzball Spira League Mushroom Rock AftermathSave Sphere (2)Mi’ihen Highroad
North End
(League 1)
N/AIpiria, Vouivre, Thunder Flan, Dual Horn, Floating Eye, Bomb, Raptor, Funguar
Ep. #058FFX Blitzball League Djose HighroadSave Sphere (2)Djose Highroad
(League 1)
N/ALamashtu, Red Element, Gandarewa, Funguar, Raptor
Ep. #059FFX Moonflow South Wharf Blitzball LeagueSave Sphere (3)Moonflow
South Wharf
(League 1)
N/ARaptor, Lamashtu, Funguar, Basilisk, Bunyip, Garm, Snow Flan, Gandarewa, Ochu, Bite Bug
Ep. #060FFX Moonflow North Wharf Blitzball Spira LeagueSave Sphere (2)Moonflow
North Wharf
(League 1)
Ep. #061FFX Guadosalam Inn Blitzball League 1Save Sphere (2)Guadosalam
(League 1)
N/AGarm, Ochu, Bite Bug, ???
Ep. #062FFX Thunder Plains Rin's Travel Agency Spira League BlitzballSave Sphere (3)Thunder Plains
Rin Travel Agency
(League 1)
N/ABuer, Melusine, Gold Element, Aerouge, Kusariqqu, Larva, Qactaur
Ep. #063FFX Thunder Plains North Spira League BlitzballSave Sphere (2)Thunder Plains
(League 1)
N/AAerouge, Melusine, Kusariqqu, Iron Giant, Buer, Gold Element
Ep. #064FFX Macalania Woods South Blitzball Status ReelsSave Sphere (3)Macalania Woods
(Status Reels)
N/ABuer, Gold Element, Kusariqqu, Iron Giant
Ep. #065FFX Lake Macalania AgencySave Sphere (1)Lake Macalania
Al Bhed Primer Vol. XVISnow Wolf, Ice Flan
Ep. #066FFX Macalania Temple HallSave Sphere (1)Macalania
N/ANegator, Crawler, Evil Eye, Snow Wolf, Ice Flan, Mafdet
Ep. #067FFX Macalania Temple Antechamber AnimaSave Sphere (1)Macalania
N/AGuado Guardian, Anima, Seymour
Ep. #068FFX Macalania Temple Cloister Of TrialsSave Sphere (1)Macalania Road
(Cloister Of Trials)
Ep. #069FFX Escaping Macalania Temple to CrevasseSave Sphere (1)Lake Macalania
N/AEvil Eye, Guado Guardian, Snow Wolf, Mafdet, Ice Flan
Ep. #070FFX Wendigo Lake Macalania BottomSave Sphere (1)Lake Macalania
Lake Bottom
N/AGuado Guardian, Wendigo
Ep. #071Tidus Drowning at Oasis FFXSave Sphere (1)Sanubia Desert
Ep. #072Sanubia Desert Sand Worm FFXSave Sphere (1)Sanubia Desert
N/AZu, Sand Worm, Alcyone, Sand Wolf
Ep. #073Tidus Attacks Cactuar in Sanubia Desert Central FFXSave Sphere (1)Sanubia Desert
N/AMech Guard, Mushussu, Sand Wolf, Alcyone, Zu, Sand Worm, Cactuar
Ep. #074Al Bhed Home FFXSave Sphere (1)Bikanel Island
Al Bhed Primer Vol. XVII,
Al Bhed Primer Vol. XVIII,
Al Bhed Primer Vol. XIX,
Mercury Crest
???, Zu, Sand Wolf, Alcyone, Mech Guard, Mushussu, Sand Worm, Mech Gunner, Cactuar, Sandragora
Ep. #075Home Main Corridor Dual Horn FFXSave Sphere (1)Al Bhed Home
Main Corridor
N/AGuado Guardian, Bomb, Dual Horn, Chimera
Ep. #076Al Bhed Airship Bridge FFXSave Sphere (1)Fahrenheit Airship
Al Bhed Primer Vol. XX,
Al Bhed Primer Vol. XXI
Guado Guardian, Bomb, Dual Horn, Chimera
Ep. #077Airship Cabin FFXSave Sphere (1)Fahrenheit Airship
N/AEvil Eye, Dual Horn, Bomb
Ep. #078Seymour Guado Kisses Yuna Bevelle Palace FFXSave Sphere (1)Bevelle
Priests’ Passage
Al Bhed Primer Vol. XXIIEvrae, Warrior Monk, YKT-63, YAT-99
Ep. #079Maester Kelk Ronso FFXSave Sphere (1)Bevelle
Via Purifico
(Cloister Of Trials)
Ep. #080Yuna Finds Kimahri Via Purifico Labyrinth FFXSave Sphere (1)Bevelle
Via Purifico
N/ABat Eye, Aqua Flan, Cave Iguion, Sahagin, Swamp Mafdet
Ep. #081Tidus Bevelle Via Purifico Sewer FFXSave Sphere (1)Bevelle
Via Purifico
N/AMaze Larva, Ifrit (Grothia), Valefor (Pterya), Bahamut (Spathi)
Ep. #082Kimahri Attacks Seymour Highbridge FFXSave Sphere (1)HighbridgeN/AOctopus, Phlegyas, Evrae Altana
Ep. #083Macalania Woods Campsite FFXSave Sphere (1)Macalania Woods
N/AYKT-63, YAT-99, Seymour Natas, Mortibody
Ep. #084Yuna Crying in Macalania Woods Spring FFXSave Sphere (1)Macalania Woods
Ep. #085Calm Lands Central FFXSave Sphere (1)Calm Lands
N/AShred, Flame Flan, Nebiros, Skoll, Mech Scouter, Ogre, Coeurl
Ep. #086Calm Lands Near Bridge FFXSave Sphere (1)Calm Lands
Near Bridge
Al Bhed Primer Vol. XXIII,
Al Bhed Primer Vol. XXIV,
Aeon’s Soul
Shiva, Anacondaur, Chimera Brain
Ep. #087Calm Lands Gorge Bottom Defender X FFXSave Sphere (1)Calm Lands
Gorge Bottom
Rusty SwordDefender X, Epaaj, Mech Scouter
Ep. #088Unsent Summoner Lady Ginnem FFXSave Sphere (1)Cavern Of The Stolen FaythAl Bhed Primer Vol. XXVNidhogg, Dark Element, Thorn, Imp, Mech Hunter, Epaaj, Magic Urn, Yowie, Valaha, Yojimbo
Ep. #089Biran and Kimahri Ronso Face Off FFXSave Sphere (1)Gagazet
Mountain Gate
Ep. #090Biran Ronso and Yenke Ronso Mt. Gagazet FFXSave Sphere (2)Mt. Gagazet GateN/AYenke, Biran
Ep. #091Braska's Sphere Location Mt. Gagazet FFXSave Sphere (1)Gagazet
Mountain Trail
(Braska’s Sphere 10/10)
Jecht’s SphereGrat, Grenade, Mech Defender, Mech Leader, Bandersnatch, Nidhogg, Imp, Bashura
Ep. #092Mt. Gagazet Seymour Flux FFXSave Sphere (1)Gagazet
Saturn CrestImp, Grenade, Grat, Bashura, Seymour Flux, Mortiorchis
Ep. #093Gagazet Fayth Cluster FFXSave Sphere (1)Gagazet
Mountain Cave
Ep. #094Mount Gagazet Cave FFXSave Sphere (2)Mt. Gagazet CaveN/AMandragora, Maelspike, Achelous, Splasher, Bandersnatch, Nidhogg, Mech Leader, Behemoth, Dark Flan, Bashura, Ahriman, Grendel
Ep. #095Zanarkand Ruins Night FFXSave Sphere (1)Zanarkand RuinsN/ASanctuary Keeper
Ep. #096Dome FFXSave Sphere (1)Zanarkand Ruins
N/AMandragora, Ahriman, Bashura, Dark Flan, Behemoth
Ep. #097Dome Interior FFXSave Sphere (1)Zanarkand Ruins
Dome Interior
N/ADefender Z, YAT-97, YKT-11, Fallen Monk
Ep. #098Final Fantasy X Jecht and Auron Pyreflies Dome Corridor FFXSave Sphere (1)Zanarkand Ruins
Dome Corridor
N/ADefender Z, Fallen Monk, YKT-11, YAT-97
Ep. #099Dome Cloister Of Trials FFXSave Sphere (1)Zanarkand Ruins
Dome Trials
Ep. #100Dome Chamber Of The Fayth FFXSave Sphere (1)Zanarkand Dome
Chamber Of The Fayth
N/ASpectral Keeper
Ep. #101Yunalesca Defeated Dome The Beyond FFXSave Sphere (2)Zanarkand Ruins
Dome The Beyond
Sun CrestYunalesca
Ep. #102Shelinda Highbridge FFXSave Sphere (2)HighbridgeN/AN/A
Ep. #103Zanarkand Dome Cloister Chest Location FFXSave Sphere (2)Dome Trials
(Destruction Chest)
Ep. #104Blitzball Tournament 2 Luca Stadium Main Gate FFXSave Sphere (3)Luca Stadium
Main Gate
(Tournament 2)
Ep. #105Blitzball Yevon Cup Tournament 2 Aurochs VS Goers FFXSave Sphere (4)Luca Stadium
Main Gate
(Tournament 2)
Ep. #106Aurochs Reels Yevon Cup Luca Stadium Main Gate FFXSave Sphere (5)Luca Stadium
Main Gate
(Aurochs Reels)
Ep. #107Calm Lands Chocobo Training Courses FFXSave Sphere (1)Remiem TempleSun SigilN/A
Ep. #108Remiem Temple Chocobo Mini-Games FFXSave Sphere (2)Remiem TempleCloudy MirrorN/A
Ep. #109Macalania Woods Celestial Mirror FFXSave Sphere (2)Macalania Woods
Celestial MirrorSnow Wolf, Ice Flan
Ep. #110Calm Lands Fiend Monster Arena FFXSave Sphere (1)Calm Lands
N/AMalboro, Anacondaur, Skoll, Ogre, Flame Flan, Chimera Brain, Nebiros, Shred, Coeurl, Mech Scouter
Ep. #111Capturing Fiends in Besaid FFXSave Sphere (3)Monster Arena
(Stamina Tonic x 99)
N/ACondor, Water Flan, Dingo
Ep. #112
Capturing Fiends in Kilika FFX
Save Sphere (2)Monster Arena
(Poison Fang x 99)
N/ADinonix, Killer Bee, Ragora, Yellow Element
Ep. #113Capturing Fiends at Mi'ihen Highroad/Oldroad FFXSave Sphere (3)Monster Arena
[Mi’ihen Highroad]
(Soul Spring x 99)
N/AMi’ihen Fang, Floating Eye, Raldo, White Element, Bomb, Dual Horn, Vouivre, Ipiria
Ep. #114Capturing Fiends in Mushroom Rock Road FFXSave Sphere (3)Monster Arena
[Mushroom Rock Road]
(Candle of Life x 99)
N/AThunder Flan, Vouivre, Dual Horn, Floating Eye, Bomb, Ipiria, Lamashtu, Gandarewa, Red Element, Raptor, Funguar, Garuda
Ep. #115Capturing Fiends in Djose Road FFXSave Sphere (3)Monster Arena
[Djose Temple]
(Petrify Grenade x 99)
N/ARed Element, Ganderewa, Lamashtu, Raptor, Basilisk, Simurgh, Bite Bug, Funguar, Snow Flan, Garm, Bunyip, Ochu
Ep. #116Fiend Capturing the Thunder Plains FFXSave Sphere (4)Monster Arena
[Thunder Plains]
(Chocobo Wing x 99)
N/AQactuar, Buer, Iron Giant, Gold Element, Kusariqqu, Aerouge, Melusine, Larva
Ep. #117Fiend Capturing Macalania FFXSave Sphere (3)Monster Arena
(Shining Gem x 60)
N/AEvil Eye, Ice Flan, Snow Wolf, Mafdet, Chimera, Xiphos, Iguion, Murussu, Blue Element, Wasp
Ep. #118Fiend Capturing Bikanel Island Sanubia Desert FFXSave Sphere (2)Monster Arena
(Shadow Gem x 99)
N/ASand Wolf, Alcyone, Mushussu, Zu, Cactuar, Sand Worm
Ep. #119Fiend Capturing in the Calm Lands FFXSave Sphere (2)Monster Arena
[Calm Lands]
(Farplane Wind x 60)
N/AAnacondaur, Chimera Brain, Ogre, Skoll, Flame Flan, Nebiros, Malboro, Shred, Coeurl
Ep. #120Tidus Celestial Weapon Caladbolg Calm Lands FFXSave Sphere (2)Celestial Weapon
N/ASkoll, Nebiros, Mech Scouter
Ep. #121Celestial Mirror Unlocks Seal for Lulu's Onion Knight FFXSave Sphere (4)Celestial Weapon
Venus SigilGeosgaeno
Ep. #122Auron Gets Celestial Weapon Masamune FFXSave Sphere (2)Celestial Weapon
Mars SigilN/A
Ep. #123Rikku Finds Her Godhand Celestial Weapon at Mushroom Rock FFXSave Sphere (1)Celestial Weapon
Mercury SigilCactuar: Tomay; Rovivea; Chava; Alek; Aloja; Vachella; Robeya; Isrra; Elio; Flaile
Ep. #124Kimahri Gets His Celestial Weapon Spirit Lance Thunder Plains FFXSave Sphere (3)Celestial Weapon
Saturn SigilChimera, Iguion, Wasp, Murussu
Ep. #125Save Sphere (3)Celestial Weapon
Blossom Crown,
Flower Scepter,
Moon Sigil
Mech Defender, Mech Leader, Grenade, Imp, Bandersnatch, Nidhogg, Grat, Bashura, Behemoth, Mandragora, Splasher, Achelous, Maelspike, Dark Flan, Ahriman, Grendel, Valefor, Ifrit, Ixion, Shiva, Bahamut, Yojimbo, Anima, Cindy, Sandy, Mindy
Ep. #126Save Sphere (3)Celestial Weapon