Grand Theft Auto III – MAFIA MASSACRE (4K) The Definitive Edition | Episode ~ 028

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Transcript: Hello and welcome back to the twenty-eighth mission and episode of GTA III The Definitive Edition. We have no vehicle and last mission we completed an RC Van mission. So, I figured we might as well keep that, keep to that and ah, complete the other RC van mission on this island. And I know I remember seeing this van in the few episodes before and I figured out that’s what the, the, it would have been I guess an RC van mission. So, that’s over near Momma’s Restaurant. So we’ll head over there where Toni Cipriani always hangs out.

I think I’ll be able to get there without using the map. I did go there a few times. I think It’s this way. Right, next one. Here we go, It’s up here and to the right. There she is. Toyz ‘N The Hood. You have two minutes to blow up as many mafia gang cars as possible! ‘Mafia Massacre‘. Okay, so I guess the Mafia Sentinels. We’ll usually there’s two of those or three parked inside ah, Salvatore Leone’s house complex. There we go. That’s one. Two. Having a great deal of luck this episode versus last RC mission. I managed to get two last episode right at the very end.

Already got two now, still got over a minute. Three. So if I run into the tires it also detonates apparently. So, let’s give that a test ride. Looks like we’re having some good luck here. Oh no. Oh well. See if we can get six. That’s a flashy car, wait that’s a Sentinel. It looks shiny metallic looking, chrome looking. Awe come back here. Have we got time for one more quick one? Not if that happens. Almost. And that’s that. Mission passed, five grand. Time to head over to Portland safehouse and save it.

Gonna have to hijack a vehicle or there’s one parked up here and It’s the one that I liked when I walked pass here before. Maybe It’s a different colour, it looks red but it could be orange. Can’t tell cause of the dark. Alright where are we. Okay, might do a quick pit stop at Ammu-Nation. Why not. See if there’s any body armour in stock. That’s what I want. What have we got for sale today? Uzi, pistole. Twenty-five. That’ll do. Bye-bye. I don’t know how I pulled that off. That was pretty cool. Alright, that’s one way to finish an episode. Beautiful! Hope you enjoyed that nice episode and I’ll catch y’all on the next.

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