Grand Theft Auto III – DIABLO DESTRUCTION (4K) The Definitive Edition | Episode ~ 027

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Transcript: Hello and welcome back to the twenty-seventh mission and episode of GTA III and we have no vehicle. What a bummer. Hmm, so ah we just actually finished in last episode the final Toni Cipriani mission. So, all that’s left now for the main storyline missions is Salvatore Leone and even one 8-Ball mission before progressing over to Staunton Island. With that said, we’re gonna take a couple of episodes away from Salvatore’s missionline and focus on sorta the bonus missions in the game that are available like the RC Van missions.

Ah, Off-road challenges even because they can be time consuming and I figured it might be best to link em’ all. Do a couple of different parts for the longer missions. Cause it, because I don’t wanna like create like an hour plus video for one mission. So, I’m gonna have to break it up. Maybe It’s this Moonbeam. I was under the impression that an RC Van was around here somewhere. Maybe there is I just don’t know where. Did I pass it maybe? Borgnine taxi’s. Yeah I don’t know where it is I should have probably looked in advance online. Um, actually I think it might be over here.

What’s this? Pump-action shotgun. Some more rounds. Ah there we go. Hidden well. I was pretty close. ‘Diablo Destruction‘. You have two minutes to blow up as many Diablo gang cars as possible. Press L or drive the RC into the wheels. Okay, Diablo’s. Diablo Stallion’s. First time ever playing this so, I don’t see any Diablo Stallion’s yet. Well this is going great. What is this? I hope I read it right because I can’t see any whatsoever. I mean, that’s a Stallion but It’s not a Diablo Stallion. Yep, there we go. Jeeber’s. It took that long, beautiful. We got another?

Well that wasn’t too exciting, but I passed the mission regardless. Time to go for a jog back over to save. So yeah, we’ll hold off with Salvatore, or Salvatore Leone because he will be the final character before progressing to the next island. And I wanna get as many of these extra missions done as possible because like I said some of them are gonna be excruciatingly long so I’ll have to break em’ up into a few parts. So let’s see how it turns out. This is the first mission done by foot. Pretty cool and I hope you enjoyed this quick episode and I’ll see you on the next one.

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