Grand Theft Auto III – DODO ‘Import/Export: Portland Docks Garage’ (4K) The Definitive Edition | Episode ~ 111

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Transcript: Hello and welcome back to the one-hundred and eleventh episode of this GTA III The Definitive Edition video game series. As you can see right here, theirs our AK-47, Sniper Rifle, M-16 and Rocket Launcher we just unlocked. So, let’s jump in one of these Banshee’s. What’s opening today? None? There we go. And we’re gonna drive out to Francis International airport because we’re beginning our import/export lists. There are three in total. There’s ah, one at Portland Docks Garage. Portland Docks Crane. And here in Pike Creek or Shoreside Vale Garage. But, we wanna probably start at Portland Docks garage because the one vehicle that we need from out here is the ‘Dodo‘. And that’s why we’re going to the airport. Initially, I wanted to say, do the Portland Docks garage whilst I was in Portland. And I would have but, like I said ah, there was always one or two vehicles I couldn’t get until either Staunton Island or Shoreside Vale was unlocked. So I decided just to leave this right near the very end. So, as we collect all the vehicles for each list.

Apparently, there’s meant to be a floating icon that sits out front, or nearby that you can grab and than select a vehicle for free that we’ve collected. So, that’s pretty cool but we’re just here to get the one-hundred percent now. It is an optional side-mission. You don’t have to do it but, if you want a hundred percent you have to. And it should be a lot of fun too cause I’ve got a pretty good ah, memory recalling of vehicles now in this game so if I spot em’. I’ll know what they are. So here we are, Liberty City International Airport signage their. So, in this hangar their’s the Dodo. There’s actually three in Francis International airport that you can use. But, we’ll get this because It’s close. And off to Portland Docks garage we go with it. Dodo, I guess the name derives from the actual animal Dodo bird. It makes sense anyway. So this Dodo vehicle can actually hover for a period of time. And it even records within your game stats how long you can fly it for. So, because of that I actually wanna try a couple of spots where I wanna try and fly it for as long as I can. Maybe, three places I might try it.

Um, so we’ll see how that goes and yeah, it should be smooth sailing from here. Awe, wouldn’t it be nice to try and clear that opening section, if there was a bit of a lip there. That’d be sick. You know what, we’ll hit this up and see what happens. We have lift-off. We got four seconds cause we clipped that little section. It would have went a bit longer. But, I’ll take that as a pretty damn good flight I reckon. Looks like this won’t reverse easy. Alright, let’s go to Callahan Bridge and cross that. There’s another jump I wanna try their. Look out, oversized vehicle coming through. Alright so, I’m gonna drift to the centre here and hit this ramp at the end. Let’s see what happens. And even, I might even turn right if I can. Nah, I was hoping I could have flew over there. There’s one more I wanna try before we store this in the garage. Okay, this unique stunt jump we’ve already done. I wanna try and clear it. How cool was that, we’re flying ha ha. Did we make it? Awe yes. Only three seconds, that felt longer than that. I guess it was slowed down. Yeah, so they were the jumps I wanted to try.

They were pretty good flights at least for two of them. Not the longest time though. What are you doing? God damn it. There’s a Bobcat that we actually need to get as well. But, we’ll wait for another episode. Portland Docks – No Unauthorized Access. Okay so, we’ll head straight down here and to the left. So, their’s our list to the left there. You can see the Dodo their. Let’s see what happens when we store it. Delivered like a pro. Complete the list and there’ll be a bonus for you. So, their’s our first vehicle crossed off at the Portland Docks garage list. So now, we’re gonna head over to the Portland district safehouse. And we’ll be taking this here Perennial. Ah, It’s nice to be back in Portland again, It’s been a god damned while. Whoa, that wasn’t much to take that out. Must have been a shotgun. Probably Mafia. Alright, let’s get this Perennial than. It feels so crazy coming back here to save it. Now we got like everything, that’s sick mad. That’s a good time right there ha. I hope you enjoyed this episode and I’ll see you on the next!

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