Final Fantasy X – ZANARKAND (4K) Save Sphere 1: HD Remaster | Episode ~ 001


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Transcript: Hello and welcome to Final Fantasy X High Definition Remaster. This is gonna be a full game completion created by Mission Questline. Which is the name of, I guess my brand. I’ll be uploading videos to YouTube and also at the website. Okay so, I’m quite excited for this game. So, let’s waste no time and jump straight into it. New game! So, I think for this playthrough, I’m gonna stick to a Standard Sphere Grid only because I’ve never actually completed a game playthrough on an Expert Sphere Grid.

So that could be left for another time potentially. So, Standard Sphere Grid! Yes I’m sure. And initially, I was gonna go Original for the soundtrack. But, considering this is the remaster. I might go to Arranged cause I, I guess It’s probably intended to be better than the Original. So it begins. Like I said, I’m super excited for this. I will intend to speak to all the NPC’s, just to get a full game feel throughout this playthrough. So, It’s been about five years since I’ve actually played this game and when I did play it, I completed everything.

Got all the trophies but, the only thing that stuffed me up to getting the hundred percent game completion was two missable Al Bhed Primers that I missed. And, I knew once I realised that. I would definitely come back and play this game someday. So here we are, different account/file. I’m gonna stick with the original/default character name cause I think it looks sick anyway, sounds cool. I’ve always stuck to Tidus, I call it. But, I know that some call it, call him Tidus. Alright, let’s proceed. So, what I was thinking for this playthrough is.

I’ll play each episode until I reach the next Save Sphere. Cause I’m not one hundred percent sure how long the episodes will be. Cause I know It’s a reasonably big game. I’m sure there’s ah, someone that can give you a potion or two. I don’t remember. Maybe It’s her running, there we go. This way guys. Bushido – Dragon Fang, nice. Sinspawn Ammes? Swordplay – Spiral Cut, show me your overdrive. Slowly chopping away at It’s tentacles. Okay, here’s a ‘Save Sphere‘ so. Traveler’s Save Sphere Level 1. Alright, we’re gonna end this video here. And, I hope you enjoyed it and I’ll see you on the next!

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