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Transcript: Hello and welcome back to the thirtieth episode of GTA III The Definitive Edition. Today we’ll be driving our Patriot over to the local hospital where we will participate in our first vehicle sub-mission. Driving the ambulance, portraying a paramedic and picking up patients and dropping them back off to the hospital. There’s twelve paramedic mission levels that must be complete in order to get one-hundred percent game completion and It’s pretty damn difficult in It’s own right. But, for us we have the variable of the Triad gang hostile towards us and through my experience It’s virtually impossible. I wouldn’t say completely. But, if you have the Mafia after ya. Which we don’t have luckily. It’s easy to say It’s impossible. Reason being I say that is because I’ve spent about five/six hours yesterday, about thirty attempts and today I’m up to about attempt fifteen and this is ‘Paramedic‘. So yesterday, I got as far as paramedic mission level twelve with only three patients remaining to pick up and unbelievably I was outta Triad territory. The way I died was a slight tap of a vehicle and the damage I sustained throughout the mission was enough to cause it to blow up. It was so unbelievably close and painful experience for me and I haven’t experienced such pain playing a game trying to do it. Get it done since I’ve been recording for this channel. It’s a great challenge. Once I get it I’ll tell ya, It’s gonna be phenomenally amazing. It’s gonna feel great! Okay, paramedic mission level two. That’s a good location to be driving to. That’s a good start. But I’m not gonna say It’s good yet because I’ve said that too many times and just something goes wrong. I don’t wanna jinx myself I suppose. Okay, the key to this I reckon is avoiding as much unnecessary damage as possible by hitting pedestrians, light poles, fire hydrants etcetera. If you can hit nothing and only take bullets and get good luck with the Triads. It’s definitely doable I think. But, It’s easy said than done not hitting things because there’s so much you need to read on the direction in front of ya to make that happen and still you need luck, like right now there’s variables, there’s rain which makes the steering heavier and the braking horrendous and steering brake. Paramedic mission level three. Wow, that’s spread out so bad. Awe that’s bad. Okay where me gonna go, straight down there. That steering in the wet and on grass just to top it off. Ah great, oh my god what a save. I’m gonna try my best to get this run done. I don’t know how much damage I just took, probably an absolute ton. But that was an amazing save. And that was more or less caused by the rain cause it wasn’t controlling properly. One of the very many f’king irritations. Almost rolled it again cause the rain. I’ve already taken so much damage that It’s so unlikely that this is gonna get done. Awe, get out the f’king way. Well one thing in these attempts today outta the ten or so plus attempts I haven’t been blown up yet by way of getting shot at. Everything else has gone wrong. I’ve actually been pulled out of the vehicle by a bloody Triad at least three/four times when I’ve been at like mission level seven or eight. It’s been doing my head in, trying to pick up a patient and they just spawn outta nowhere and just grab you straight out. It’s like what the hell where did they come from. Or it. Alright, paramedic mission level number three. Four I mean. Who’s counting? Who cares honestly. I don’t care at the moment. Idiot truck driver. Awe, just boxed myself f’king in. Awe god. Hmm. Story of my life, one of the variables. Paramedic mission level five. So where gonna go, I’m gonna go up there. Right up to the top. Oh wow that’s cool. Haven’t really seen a vehicle cause itself to flip over. Get in before this idiot driver runs you over. Move out the way copper you nuisance.

Actually in these attempts that I’ve done. The, I’ve been pretty lucky not ah, being spotted by the police. I haven’t had any stars yet, which is pretty crazy. Which happens pretty often usually. At least one at a time. Alright, let’s go left. This is danger street right here and we got lucky. Ah that was incredible. Still It’s way too early to say we got this run. Um, just gonna drop this single guy off by himself. Just to see if I get time. Don’t think so, maybe It’s like every three. Awe this is a bad spot, but we got lucky. And we’ve been very lucky here until now. Cause sometimes you got Triads there and like then there was, but we didn’t get shot at luckily. Paramedic mission level six. Okay. Let’s go this way. Straight down the guts here. Oh, that was bad. Even that little taps bad. It all adds up I think. Um sorry, about to run you over. You definitely have to strategize/prioritise who you pick up first most of the time. Not always I don’t think. Awe we could get shot right now but we got lucky. I think if you approach this spot from that angle that I did they don’t spawn the Triads. Awe but then that’s bad. Watch out, straight down here. Awe that’s horrific. Hooly dooly. Where just going down bad directions right now. Where going down bad directions street. Paramedic mission level seven. We’re half way and I don’t like seven because there’s always one left over to pick up. It’s painful. So I think we’ll take the dangerous route first. We’ll get that out the way. We’ll go this way. Get in, get in, get in, get in! God dammit get in. Come on guy. Their’s see that Triad there could have pulled me out if I wasn’t quick enough if I accidentally ran over the bloody pedestrian. I mean patient. Happened so many times already. I don’t know if I chose the best way to go to this guy. Yep, not a good choice. Not good at all. Alright, hospital time. At least we’re outta harms way more or less of the Triads for the rest of this paramedic mission level. Almost missed that turn, would have been catastrophic. Idiot truck driver. Paramedic mission level eight. Now we’re in a good spot other than the fact we gotta drive there. But I might be able to minimise shots fired by the Triads if I do this. God dammit. Okay, so we’re gonna just gonna go pass the hospital straight ahead. What the hell was that. Bloody bonnet frying out. Jump in, this is never a good time in here. Alright, that wasn’t too bad I think. But then, coming back this way is very bad. Do not shoot at me I am paramedic. Not Claude Speed. Is that a, I’m about to get jacked! Awe that was close. Awe, awe wow. That sucked. It was going so well until that point. Almost got pulled out by the bloody Triad again. Whoops I was meant to go down here. Get some good time here with three quick ones. Jump in. And we’re not even gonna go that direction because as if. What a risk that would be this late into the round. Alright where are we? Don’t you flip. Awe this is feeling pretty good I ain’t gonna lie, but It’s still too early, there’s too many missions, paramedic missions levels to go to be safe. I think the damage has been pretty decent though overall. That’s why a feel like I might have a chance here. Alright, we got the um, health pack unlocked back at the safehouse. And paramedic mission level nine and we’re just gonna go. Awe that’s a bit all over the shop there. I don’t like that at all. So if we just leave them three. Yep, we’ll go up there. I don’t know if I just worked out a good route or not. I don’t think I did. We hope, that’s all we can hope. Whoa, Stay there truck. Gonna get some time clocked up here. Great, no Triads their. That’s good. Alright, than we’re gonna go um, that way. Sketchy spot. Sons of biatches.

I’ve got the feel for directing the traffic with the bloody siren which is good. It goes a long way when you got that in check. This is going really well. Okay and we’re gonna go. What am I doing? Get outta here go, get outta here. Get in, yes. That was great. Move B word, get out the way. When you see me on the highway get out my way! Starting to get a, feeling a little good man. Feels like It’s pretty good but it just all comes down to spawning in the Triad area mostly. Ah, we’re have I gone. That’s right. Confidence has risen a little bit now. Stay kaput cars. No look how, yeah that’s alright. But It’s raining again so that’s a huge variable this late into the missions. I’m playing it so safe now but. Paramedic mission level ten. Awe It’s, that is the first time today I’ve reached ten. One two three, one two three, let’s get the main Triad area out the way first. Awe I don’t like this spot. No Triads luckily. Okay we’re gonna quickly reverse. Awe that sucked so bad. THAT SUCKS SO BAD! I shouldn’t have went through that bit and that sucks even more, awe thought I hit the patient, it wasn’t the patient. Awe we got one of the worst areas out of the way first. Son of a bitch. I’ve gotta go back this way unfortunately. So we’re not outta danger yet. This sucks, that’s so much damage man It’s unbelievable. Alright we got it out the way. I think It’s unavoidable. Alright, we’ll just go, oh I don’t like that single one there. So we’ll go, awe that sucks straight to the top. Nice little double pick up for some time. And we’ll go to the left. It’s dark so it makes it sorta hard to see in a lot of areas. Up here’s pretty dark. Jump in buddy, yes. You really gotta use back alleys and that to avoid at least a bullet shot. Can help a lot. Alright. Straight down. Awe this is a bad spot but we got lucky. Beautiful luck there. Run the Triad over please. Ah. Okay we’re outta Triad territory more or less. I ain’t going back that direction. I can’t afford it. We got plenty of time anyway. God that was a long way around. Excellent! But I mean, these shots from the Triads are adding up. If only they just didn’t sometimes spawn over there. It be so good. I did not need that. Awe what am I doing, that just knocked me about. Shit!, refocus man come on. Paramedic mission level eleven. We are getting close. But we’re nowhere near safe. That was very lucky. That’s the kind of luck I need right now. Where am I going? Triads? Mafia beautiful. Take care of those sons of B words. Okay, hmm. Alright It’s day time again that’s great. Okay we’ll leave the bottom two for last. Go up out of Triad territory, I love it at mission eleven. Awe man this is feeling good man, but I don’t want to jinx myself. I think I’ve taken a bit of damage. I don’t know if I took serious damage yet. I may have, I’ve forgotten. Oh, can I go through there. I ain’t risking that. There’s some good time here. Oh man, this is are so critical. I gotta get this one, I have to. I can’t imagine doing this again after the number of attempts and hours I’ve put into this. Oh man I really wanna make this happen. It be so relieving and rewarding. I think it would be decent content to. Let’s not go straight ahead. We will go back. Alright man we’re up to the last bloody amazing. I’m gonna go right here and then cut through, cause I think maybe that direction doesn’t spawn Triads. I’m starting to like figure that out at the hospital. If that’s the case like It’s doable. But, we’ll definitely have to pick up a few more patients in Triad area so if we can somehow fluke that and don’t take any damage whatsoever. I’ve got I reckon. Alright man, paramedic mission level twelve.

Second time I’ve reached this spot. And I feel like I’ve done better this time around. Yes! It’s not even near Triads. Awe that’s amazing. Wow. One little bit sort of. Oh my god! This is it. Oh my god last time I had to go through the Triad section. YES! Awe my god I’m so excited. Yes. Awe. No way. Hang on what should I do here? Boom. Let me, I can’t even think right now, I can’t believe this. Ah I think I should go. Awe there could be Triads like this but. I’ll go this way instead. I don’t even no what I am doing right now. All I know is we got some good spawns on these bloody patients. That is, but I don’t know about the timer. The timer is the enemy right now! Oh my god. We might have to just try and go up the Triad bit here cause we, the timer. We have to just take that risk. I don’t want to but. Awe man, maybe we’ll make, nah we’re not gonna take the risk. We’ll go this way. This works. Come on man, please don’t be a Triad at the hospital. So far we’ve been really good like that. Great! Oh my god. This is unbelievable. We’re gonna go this way. I’ve got this. I feel it, I’ve got this. But there’s just see damage like that. That’s what pretty much, what killed me last time. Just a little tap like that. Ah what was I doing? Up the top there. Oh man I’m so, I feel so great right now. You don’t understand. Oh my god. I see victory. I don’t even know if I’ve done it the right way but I don’t care. I see good ways. Okay, let me just refocus and not get too excited here because it will probably cause me to slip up. Yes. I’ve got this man. Ah! Triad is my enemy at the hospital and the timer. And hooligan drivers. Great, straight down. Oh man, I’ve got plenty of time. Making sure I’m doing the exact ways I’m no oh, don’t want him to run over the patient. Turn that siren off. Yes. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Ah wow. We got this man. We got it, we got it! I feel really at ease. Cause I feel like I’ve got this so easily right now. Oh my god. We got one more lot. I’ve got the biggest grin on my face. It’s just plastered that way. Whoa, what’s that? Ah yep the adrenaline pump. Ah yes. This is exactly how many I had last time yesterday. Three to go and I tapped a vehicle. And I think I’ve got a little bit of more car armour the way, that’s the way it feels. I don’t know for sure. But I ain’t gonna hit a single bloody thing right now! I’ve got plenty of time. Here I’ll be careful cause you can roll it here. Almost did. Oh! awe come on! That’s not too bad. Yes awe, made it the furthest yet. Yes he can reach here. Oh man we got it, we got it. Ah yes. I haven’t looked online to see if ah anyone’s completed this with the Triads hostile. I’d say they have cause I’ve just now managed to do it. If not that’s great. Oh my god! No way. Ah. I wish there was a Triad here right now shooting at me. Ah here we go. Rescued. Paramedic missions complete! ‘Playing Doctor’ trophy that you cannot see. Ah yeah! Yes. Ah, yes. I feel like I’m still in the mission trying to be careful, I don’t need to be. Awe. One thing I’ve learnt from that experience, I know this area quite well now, like back of my head. Which I had really no spatial awareness of this area, I had a little bit but not a great deal. You know what we do here. We’re going back to the safehouse and saving it. I’m sure this video’s like forty/fifty minutes, maybe over, long. But, so far this is my favourite one yet because it was the first one that made me have to try forty to fifty times to get. I don’t know if I can store this vehicle, probably not. It fits at least, but It’s too long. Hope you enjoyed this episode I know I did, now. And I’ll see you on the next.

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