Grand Theft Auto III – TAXI DRIVER ‘PORTLAND’ (4K) The Definitive Edition | Episode ~ 031

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Transcript: Hello and welcome back to the thirty-first episode of this GTA III Definitive Edition video series. And as you can see over here, there’s now a health pick-up and an adrenaline pick-up because of our previous vehicle sub-mission as a paramedic we completed in last episode mission level twelve and it was very difficult. And in addition we now have infinite sprint, which I won’t be abusing because I’m not rushing this game. I’m enjoying it. And today, we’re just gonna continue with vehicle sub-missions and in particular, we need to find a taxi. Slow down. Awe, unbelievable really. There we go. And this vehicle sub-mission is ‘Taxi Driver‘. Okay so, the goal here is to finish this mission and that takes faring a hundred passengers. Considering that a hundred passengers will be pretty long to do, I’m gonna divide this Taxi driver mission into three video parts. So today the goal is to try and do thirty-three fares without dying, or getting pulled out the car by the Triads. So just in one clean hit. And yeah, let’s. Really, I’m in there, c’mon. So that’s the goal here. Fortunately you don’t have to do the whole hundred in one go like you sorta have to with the Paramedic sub-mission. So there’s a bit of leniency here. Whoops. Still It’s not gonna be that easy. But It’s gonna be way easier than last episode. Check it out if you haven’t watched it! Probably my favourite so far. By far the most challenging mission so far because of the hostile Triads. I don’t think I will encounter such difficulty in this game for the rest of it I think. I got the worst part outta the way first. And I left it late as is. Should’ve done it before the Triads were hostile. But I wasn’t that knowledgeable about it. Sometimes you learn as you go, make mistakes. Yeah so, the idea of the three video parts for the taxi mission sorta works well because um, the other two vehicle sub-missions ‘Vigilante’ in the police vehicle and the ‘Firefighter’ one in the firetruck.

They both require you to do twenty operations each but, oh sixty in total but, twenty per island. So that makes sorta sense to break them up, so I’ll just do this as well because this would be over an hour long surely if I was to do a hundred. And we don’t want to exceed an hour for any video. Can get a little bit long in the tooth. Whoops. Guy wants outta this firing line. We might have to take advantage of the Pay ‘N’ Spray at some point, or a couple times. We’re in the Triad territory a lot. Oh. Take your eyes off the road and look at the minimap for a second that’s what happens. Okay we’re near the Pay ‘N’ Spray. We’ll stop in there quickly. Especially now we’re taking bullets. How much time do we lose? About six/seven seconds. Jump in. This is like such a joy compared to last episode. I mean It’s ah, that repetitiveness though that’s not the best but, It’s not all in one go, so it just takes a lot of pressure off ya. Awe where have I gone? Where do you need to go sir? Import/Export Garage in Portland Harbor or docks. Oi and we’re at the police fuzz ball location here. If you haven’t seen the video check it out. It’s not a bad one. Okay, I think we’ve taken a few bullets so conveniently we’re right near the Pay ‘N’ Spray. Yes, definitely now. Where to, Portland Harbor? Maybe there’s a quicker way. Plenty of visibility and, fence there and It’s breakable great. If I hit that fence and it scares the passenger and jumps out right there, would be so painful. Where to? Not Chinatown. Come on police do something about those shots. You got no issue coming after me. Oh oh, where have I gone? Awe yeah. This little grass pathway I’ll call it, is so convenient for these vehicle sub-missions I think. Oi, ah c’mon!

Okay we didn’t lose. What? Okay. Now we’re in a challenge. That sucks man. Awe, all that time accumulated gone to waste. Where are ya? C’mon, c’mon! What are you doing? Get in. Don’t wanna freak this guy out. Take it easy. I was so relaxed until all that just happened. Now I got the timer to worry about. Where you going? Supa Save. A little bit of time there. Can’t have accidents like that, move! That’s where the paramedic ambulance came in handy because you could use a siren and stop the traffic.This one you just have to swerve the taxi. Alright, yep, beautiful! Beautiful, I know the Supa Save’s always shut, get in! Ammu-Nation. So we’re about at the halfway mark. We still gotta try and get some time back to feel a bit safer. Whoop. Easy Credit Autos Saint Mark’s. We’ll it looks like we got a little time back. Oh no, no, no, no, no don’t cause this person to flee. Not at this time. It’s too big of distance. There we go. Greasy Joe’s. Wait, I was just there. Cool, Greasy Joe’s Cafe. Nice and close. Twenty in a row, eight-thousand bonus. Nice, I can imagine than, if you were to play a hundred straight up fares in one go, you’d make the most money doing that. But, I think with the hostile Triads it would just be very hard and too long a video at the same time. I had my big challenge last episode. That’ll do. Alright we need a Pay ‘N’ Spray, beautiful. There you go, jump out. And I have to reverse attempt in to it, cool. Nice fresh new look and feel. Where to? Marcos Bistro. Remain calm passenger. Okay, awe that timer. I just realised it was so low. Scary. Okay, not liking this timer at all. Let’s try not have to go in the Pay ‘N’ Spray. Back to the bistro. Coming on to night-time.

Just to add some difficulty but It’ll look nice. Yes nice and close. ‘Meeouch Sex Kitten Club’ in Redlight. Never heard of that ha. Alright, please leave me Triads, please. We don’t want to stop at the bloody Pay ‘N’ Spray. Is that a Triad? Na, a police officer. I really hope they don’t freak out down them stairs at this late into it. Five fares remaining. We got a nice amount of time again built up. Wait, where am I going, where am I going, what happened? There! Covered by the bloody pistol on the map. Oh is that the docks? In the import/export area. We know a good way. Remain calm, consider this a joy ride lady. Oh, that’s good time right there. Where to fine sir? We did manage to avoid Triad territory a lot, or at least getting shot so that’s great. Get in! Old school hall in Chinatown. Hmm, not cool. Oh, that was a Triad nice. Oh, oh, oh. I mean I could do thirty-three or thirty-four fares. Whoa come on. Just imagine if I just got pulled outta the car by a Triad. Restart this all over again. Lost my headlights. Okay, must be going to the bistro. Marcos Bistro. So, okay I might as well just do thirty-four. I’ve come this far. Takes us sorta back to the safehouse which is good. Worked out well. And that was ‘Taxi Driver’. And we earned fifty-one thousand, three hundred and thirty-five dollars in GTA currency. That was act one. Look forward to seeing the next two, it will be later on in the series when we progress to the islands. Staunton and the Vale. Can you, I don’t think you’d be able to store a taxi. We can try. Ah maybe, cool. Hope you enjoyed this episode and I’ll see you on the next.

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