Grand Theft Auto III – PATRIOT PLAYGROUND (4K) The Definitive Edition | Episode ~ 029



Hello and welcome back to the twenty-ninth episode of GTA III The Definitive Edition. Today we’re gonna complete the side mission in particular, an off-road side mission. Which will be our first one so far. Change that camera angle. And I believe we need to go over to a shopping complex Supa Save or something. I know roughly where it is. It’s around here. Maybe didn’t choose the best route to get there but there it is. Supa Save! How do we get down there? Their’s a jump there. I don’t trust the jump. There’s a stairwell.

You know what I could of just parked it up there and walked. And that’s looking like the vehicle we’re after. Alright so, off-road challenge. ‘Patriot Playground‘. We’ve set off the alarm. So, we got all the time we need until we hit the first checkpoint and the, where are we going? Over here, up there. You can do it! So it begins. One of fifteen. We’re not gonna be able to go up there. No way. How about that. I think this might be my new favourite vehicle so far. Patriot! Ah is that one there? G’day Savlatore.

Don’t mind me, just off-roading your yard. There’s one over there. Whoa, there we go. Yeah we’re not gonna risk that. Can’t, there’s no way. No, whoa. Ah there’s a bit of a ramp if I land alright down here. Awe, almost rolled it. Over here. Oh that was close. I almost fell straight into that trap. We go this way? There’s one. One over there. Oh my god. Four to go. Where not getting up that are we? Bloody hell this think can rock climb. Patriot hey, I like. That looks so steep. Ah, did I miss one?

I wonder if I can reverse back this way. Yeah! You got some torque in ya. Nice four wheel drive. Oh, little freak out there. One more. Mind this chair. Do we jump in, jump off into the ocean? Or, we just collect her. Mission passed, twenty-thousand GTA dollars. I really like this Patriot. We be keeping this. Chances are for one episode. I’ll be back later Salvatore. Keep your chin up. Those Triad bastards are going down! Sure. And that was Patriot Playground. Hope you enjoyed this episode and I’ll see you on the next.

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