Grand Theft Auto III – MULTISTOREY MAYHEM (4K) The Definitive Edition | Episode ~ 066



Hello and welcome back to the sixty-sixth episode of this GTA III The Definitive Edition video game series. And today, we’re gonna move from the RC Toyz Van mission and go attempt the Off-Road Challenge. I believe there’s two in Staunton Island. But, we’ll do the one that’s close by.

Prior to this, I’ve quickly again gone and checked King Courtney and completed Kingdom Come which is the final payphone mission with King Courtney. So, that should be all good now, I hope. If it resets, I don’t know, I give up! So, this here you need a Stallion to activate it. Just like that, let’s see how this goes. ‘Multistorey Mayhem.’ Two minutes to collect twenty checkpoints. Time added per checkpoint.

Awe, that’s a bad angle to start on. Alright, this is my first crack at it so, I don’t know the best strategy here. Let’s just wing it. Sometimes with this game you just gotta wing it. So far, so good. I reckon, we’ll probably have this first go, that’s what I want. Cause it took me literally like, seven attempts to do Kingdom Come again. And it made me realise actually how difficult it is, ha. Okay, there’s one off that jump there.

Come back for that last. We should have enough time. Shouldn’t have to go too quick here, I hope. Looks good, looks good, got it. And that was Multistory Mayhem. Good old Off-Road Challenge. They’re fun. Again, there’s only one worry left and that could potentially be El Burro’s payphone missions. And heck, maybe even Marty Chonks for all I know. But, I think we’re sweet. Hope you enjoyed this episode and I’ll see you on the next!

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