Grand Theft Auto III – GRIPPED! (4K) The Definitive Edition | Episode ~ 098

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Transcript: Hello and welcome back to the ninety-eighth episode of this GTA III The Definitive Edition video game series. Just admiring that plane crossing over that skyscraper, pretty cool. Anyway so, today we’re gonna go attempt our final optional off-road challenge. Which is in Shoreside Vale, exactly where we ah, just recently took out a gang of Southside Hoods Purple Nine’s for D-Ice. When his younger brother was rolling with us. So, we’ll be driving a Patriot, no different to our first off-road challenge in Patriot Playground.

But, I reckon this might be a better one. This will be a lot of fun. Let’s go suss it out. Alright, we’re here. Nice looking Patriot. This is ‘Gripped!‘. Five minutes to collect twenty checkpoints in any order. Fifteen seconds granted per checkpoint. Alright, let’s go! Oh, almost jumped into the ocean. Alright, no pressure. I love how this can rock climb so well. Still definitely one of my favourite vehicles in GTA three. Let’s grab this one if we can. c’mon you got it. This definitely a little more challenging than Patriot Playground.

It’s a full hill climb. Alright, we’ll go up here. We may have to of anyway. Hopefully this way works. I’m not sure, I’d say it would! There’s a bit of a jump, it could’ve been. I mean we’ll find out if It’s gonna work or not. Yo, this is a sick off-road challenge. Oh my god. Alright, back it up. We’ll we got plenty off time. I just don’t know if the remaining are as accessible as they have been so far. We’ll that’s not good. c’mon roll, awe, c’mon yes, my god. Okay back up, here we go. Oh, alright we’re there. Unless there’s a drop their.

Stay on this ridge. Oh man, no reverse. I thought I was going down there for sure, brakes or not. Alright, looks like we got it. It may have not been the best strategy but it worked. There we go and that was gripped. No more off-road challenges remain. But, the good thing is we now have a Patriot which I do really enjoy driving. So, let’s go back to the safehouse This calls for the Patriot. Alright, we’re getting up there. C’mon yeah. Okay, this one goes in the middle for some reason. I hope you enjoyed this episode and I’ll see you on the next!

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