Final Fantasy X – MONSTER CREATION [BOMB KING] (4K) Save Sphere 28: HD Remaster | Episode ~ 173


Transcript: Hello and welcome back to the one hundred and seventy-third episode of this Final Fantasy X HD Remaster playthrough. So, let’s switch in Tidus and Auron and take on our twenty-sixth Monster Creation in the Species Conquest and that is this here Bomb King. Which resembles the regular old Bomb! I might need to switch in Wakka’s World Champion and down goes the Bomb King and It’s crossed off the list. Oops, we’ll jump straight into farming beginning with Kottos as per usual.

Ah crap, and we’re gonna add two Power Distiller’s because we just ran out of Power Sphere. Forty Power Sphere, plus another forty gives us eighty to play with and we’ll quickly hunt for our two Fortune Sphere from this here Earth Eater. Do we get our two Fortune Sphere first try? Yes we do! So now, we’ll switch in Lulu, making sure her Overdrive is set to Comrade, yep. And we’re gonna farm some AP from the Don Tonberry. We’ll even switch weaker Weapons for the attacking. That way, we can absorb as much AP as we can get.

By taking a crap ton of damage with Tidus and Wakka. Let’s equip World Champion and we’ll switch Kimahri in, cause I know he’s got a few more steps to make. I’m sure he’s still on Comrade. So now, we’ll just attack with Tidus. Might even cast Haste on Tidus to see if that makes an impact. Let’s bail out and see the kind of AP we get. Yeah, I think we’ll do that again but, we’ll switch Wakka in for Tidus cause his Genji Shield would’ve impacted that. We’ll do it one more time! Awe no, that wasn’t good ha. We might be doing it again. That’s better and that’ll do.

Let’s stock up on Phoenix Down and then get the Sphere Grid underway for Kimahri and Lulu. Hopefully, we don’t run out of any Speed or Mana Sphere! Could be a concern. Nah, not that way guy! Ah crap, and for Lulu, she almost got ninety-nine moves, close enough! And we’re closing in on the halfway point of Lulu’s ninety plus Sphere moves/Sphere Level’s. It may have turned out to be a good route for Lulu. Definitely getting low on Red Sphere’s overall. So, Lulu’s stats and overall Sphere Grid progression. So, their’s a ‘Traveller’s Save Sphere‘. I hope you enjoyed this episode and I’ll see you on the next!

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