Final Fantasy X – MONSTER CREATION [SLEEP SPROUT] (4K) Save Sphere 27: HD Remaster | Episode ~ 172


Transcript: Hello and welcome back to the one hundred and seventy-second episode of this Final Fantasy X HD Remaster playthrough. So, we’re gonna dive straight into the One-Eye before anything, so we can get our sixth Triple AP Weapon drop and it may be our lucky day. There’s the Comet Cactuar! Oh my god. Okay so, that’s fantastic. Lemme just have a second to take that in because I soft reset’d at least eighty times just to get that. Awe my gawd. Alright so, for our twenty-fifth Monster Creation we’re gonna take on Sleep Sprout and I don’t like that straight off the bat. Looks like we’re going down! Alright let’s ah, try that again. This time, we’ll switch in Yuna for Kimahri. We’ll see if that’ll make a difference. We’ll we didn’t get ambushed that great. So, we might even just leave Yuna there. Awe, It’s a bit risky. Let’s just go straight for a Attack Reels.

Yes and there’s our twenty-fifth Monster Creation crossed off the list. Now, we’re gonna do some farming starting with Kottos. Switch Tidus back in and he’ll apply a Mana Distiller. Forty Mana Sphere collected. One more time, this time, we’re gonna use Speed Distiller! Okay, we didn’t get it, let’s do it again, it had to be. We’ll apply another Speed Distiller. So, I think when you get the two Drop It’s a rare drop. Forty Speed Sphere! Let’s get our two Fortune Sphere from Earth Eater. Chance is such an important factor in this game. Awe, that’s unbelievable we got the rare drop. All I know is, if it drops Dark Matter again I’m gonna skip it. And the two Fortune Sphere lands, thank you. So let’s customise our new Comet Cactuar and we’ll apply the Overdrive – AP and the final Double Overdrive and It’s turned into a Space Energy Weapon.

So I think It’s equipped but let’s just check, yep. Alright let’s put Lulu in and we’ll keep Kimahri in but this time, we’re gonna have both Lulu and Kimahri with Comrade. So they can both absorb the AP in Don Tonberry. First-time we’ve tried it. It’s still gonna take probably four fights against Don Tonberry here. But, if we at least change the Weapon it might be a little nicer. We’ll see! Awe, Lulu has Auto-Phoenix anyway I’m sure so that’s good. Yes! Lulu looking nice there with her Auto-Regen pink sparkles. Alright, let’s bail out and see what AP we get. A very nice amount. We’ll do that one more time but it won’t take as long. We’ll cut out about halfway. So I assume that should be about enough, yep, It’s more than enough. Alright so, let’s restock Phoenix Down and Sphere Grid Kimahri and Lulu.

And there’s probably a good chance we’ll run out of Red Sphere’s I assume um, we’ll move there first for Kimahri. We’ll drop two Magic Def Sphere’s there quickly. That’ll about just do it for Kimahri and now for Lulu, to get her Sphere Grid along the way. Alright, we’ll take Lulu upward and we’re about halfway through Lulu’s ninety-nine Sphere Level’s. Um, we might go down from here just in case we run outta Power Sphere. I feel like there’ll be less Power Sphere nodes this way, or maybe not. It may have backfired ah, let’s go back up. No matter which way I go It’s not ideal. We’ll go this way and we ran out of Power Sphere so, let’s not go that way, we’ll go this way. Probably an unconventional route we’re taking and that’s good enough. We’ll call that one a day and there’s Lulu’s stats and overall Sphere Grid progression. So their’s a ‘Traveller’s Save Sphere‘. I hope you enjoyed this episode and I’ll see you on the next!

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