Final Fantasy X – MONSTER CREATION [EARTH EATER] (4K) Save Sphere 7: HD Remaster | Episode ~ 152


Transcript: Hello and welcome back to the one hundred and fifty-second episode of this Final Fantasy X HD Remaster playthrough. We’re gonna equipped Wakka’s World Champion first and re-fight One-Eye and quickly get our second, Triple AP Weapon drop. So let’s Entrust Wakka with Auron’s Overdrive meter to speed this up. We only needed to land two of those hits. Alright so, we got Auron’s Painkiller. Only problem is, does it have two vacant slots? And yes it does! Awesome. Alright so now, for our fifth fiend on the Monster Arena Creations. We’re gonna head to the Original list and challenge Earth Eater. So, definitely a step up a level in difficulty here. And we’re gonna skip and just attack with Wakka. He’s only the one who’s capable of dishing out large damage. Wakka does Attack Reels, but it shouldn’t be too effective. We’ll go for another Attack Reels, definitely will knock it over.

Okay, and down goes our fifth Monster Creation Earth Eater, ticked off the list. Who rewards us with two Fortune Sphere’s for Overkilling it. Okay so now, we wanna take on Kottos twice to farm some Red Sphere. We’ll apply Speed Distiller first. Down goes Kottos and their’s our forty Speed Sphere. Let’s set Wakka’s Overdrive Mode to Ally quickly to charge it back up. Let’s take on Kottos again. This time, we’ll apply the Mana Distiller. So, I probably don’t need to use Banishing Blade anymore but, I’ll do it one last time, against Kottos that is. And their’s our forty Mana Sphere. Cause we need to get a few Fortune Sphere’s. We might even re-fight Earth Eater. And we’ll probably need to fight him at least once every episode from here on out, at the Monster Arena. With a critical hit there Wakka. Back up the Earth Eater goes.

This Earth Eater chews up a few Pheonix Down. Knock him over, yeah. Alright, we really want an Overkill here so, let’s Entrust Wakka with Auron’s Overdrive meter again. I think this might do the trick. It’s not gonna knock him over. There we go. Sweet, we get our two Fortune Sphere’s. Alright now, let’s re-equipped Auron with his new Painkiller um, and set his Mode to Comrade. Wakka to Stoic and Tidus is already in Stoic. So now, let’s customise Painkiller with Overdrive – AP Ability um, and Triple Overdrive will do and It’s become a Muramasa. So now, time for some Don Tonberry AP trick and we’ll be attacking with Wakka and Tidus. And, just focusing on levelling up Auron in his Sphere Level’s for the Sphere Grid. Cause we’ve only got so much time we can use carefully. Hopefully we’re not too low on Phoenix Down. Okay, we just killed Don Tonberry not intentionally. Whoopsie.

Let’s just pretend that didn’t count! Alright so, let’s stock up on Phoenix Down, yes, we’re quite low. And now, let’s Sphere Grid our three characters, mainly Wakka Auron! Wakka uses a Level Two Key Sphere! Now for the main guy Mr. Auron, Sir Auron. Where are we gonna go? Definitely there first. Alright, let’s go here and come back around. Um, you know what, maybe not. Let’s go this way. Let’s go this way! We are now halfway through Auron’s Sphere Grid progression with the ninety-nine moves. No, wrong spot. Overshot that. Alright, we’ll go which way? We’ll go this way. Alright, I don’t like where we ended up. There’s not much I can do about that. That’s okay, we’re on track still. So, Auron’s stats at a glance and overall Sphere Grid progression. So, their’s a ‘Traveller’s Save Sphere‘. I hope you enjoyed this episode and I’ll see you on the next!

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