Final Fantasy X – MONSTER CREATION [JUGGERNAUT] (4K) Save Sphere 29: HD Remaster | Episode ~ 174


Transcript: Hello and welcome back to the one hundred and seventy-fourth episode of this Final Fantasy X HD Remaster playthrough. So let’s ah, equip Kimahri with his Spirit Lance and we’ll switch in Tidus for Lulu. And now, we’re gonna challenge our twenty-seventh Monster Creation from the Species Conquest list and that is the Juggernaut. Okay, we’re gonna have to switch in some Celestial Weapon’s also. Let’s finish it off with some Attack Reels! Might as well go for the Overkill. Two Strength Sphere, nice.

So, we’re gonna jump straight into Kottos farming. Tidus will use a Mana Distiller, try and get forty Mana Sphere. And also, a Speed Distiller. Dammit, we’ll do that again and there’s our forty Speed Sphere. Gonna get two more Fortune Sphere. Good job Kimahri, two Fortune Sphere added. So, let’s put Kimahri’s Overdrive Mode into Stoic and we’ll also switch in Lulu. Comrade, Stoic, Stoic, good enough. Farm some level’s for Lulu. Um so, Kimahri’s not taking too much damage so, it won’t be too drastic with the AP transfer for Lulu I assume.

Let’s see how many Sphere Level’s Lulu gets. Not a great deal, so that’s why we should definitely now switch in Wakka and do it again. He’ll have to take damage, a crap ton. Alright, what have we got? Yeah, that’s better. Ninety-nine Sphere Level moves for Lulu. Restock up on Phoenix Down and we’re gonna do Sphere Grid. A couple for Kimahri but mainly Lulu. She’s the black mage of the hour. So, ninety-nine Sphere Level moves for Lulu! So I think we’ll Teleport from here. We’ll use a Return Sphere though. We’ll come up here.

We’re quite low on Ability Sphere, there’s a good chance we’re gonna run out! Hopefully, It’s not until we get low on Sphere level’s. We might even run outta Power Sphere before we even get to the last Ability Sphere. That’s not good. There goes our Ability Sphere’s, plural. And our Power Sphere’s are gone! That sucks. We’re gonna cut this one short. We’ll leave Lulu there and there’s her statistics and overall Sphere Grid progression. So, their’s a ‘Traveller’s Save Sphere‘. I hope you enjoyed this episode and I’ll see you on the next!

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