Grand Theft Auto III – HIDDEN PACKAGES ‘Shoreside Vale’ (4K) The Definitive Edition | Episode ~ 110

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Transcript: Hello and welcome back to the one-hundred and tenth episode of this GTA III The Definitive Edition video game series. My god, we need the Patriot right now. So today, we’re hunting for the thirty-two hidden packages scattered throughout Shoreside Vale. Our first being right here, where this RC Toyz van is. (Toyz ‘N’ The Hood). ‘Hidden Package sixty-nine‘ of one-hundred. This is done in no particular order. Hidden package seventy, and as you can see we’ve just unlocked the AK-47 delivered at every safehouse we’ve unlocked in Liberty City districts. So, we’ll be unlocking four additional weapons in total. By the time we get the hundredth hidden package. So, as we just mentioned the AK-47 was first. Followed by the Sniper Rifle and than the M-16 and to finish off with the Rocket Launcher. And on top of that we’ll get the one million dollar GTA bonus added to our account. So, right now we’re heading into The Park. Where we helped D-Ice and his younger brother take on a gang of Purple Nines with a baseball bat in Rumble, the sick payphone mission. Don’t miss it! Hidden package seventy-one. Literally, this is my favourite vehicle but, when it comes to performance wise, I think the Cheetah’s takes the cake for me. But, overall this is my favourite vehicle in this game. Good old Patriot! Hidden package seventy-two. Hidden package seventy-three. Now we’re gonna go take the massive jump across the river section. Cause I wanna show you something that the Patriot can do, maybe not everybody knows. But I only discovered it testing where to find these packages. Obviously it would have been discovered but, nice landing. So, we’ll come over here, set it up for the dam wall climb. Hidden package seventy-four. We’re going up their. Hidden package seventy-five. What a beast hey.

You can even like practically stop on this wall, or slow right down. Hidden package seventy-six. Right now, we’re gonna go to the property where we rampaged the Colombian Cartel gang with a flamethrower. So, here’s the property. We’ll just park it there. Hidden package seventy-seven. For this, we don’t wanna activate Catalina’s next storyline mission. So, if you haven’t got a Cartel Cruiser to gain entrance into the yard. I found this way of getting in. It worked for me. And this is where we’ll be departing our Patriot. So, like so. But now, we’ll be using the Cartel Cruiser to exit this place. Hidden package seventy-eight. Because we are in the vehicle we won’t activate Catalina. So, don’t get out your vehicle near that marker. Pull up just here. Hidden package seventy-nine. Take these stairs, you have to jump up em’ though. It’s a little too steep and It’s pretty funny. Straight down this little gate section. Hidden package eighty, and there’s our Sniper Rifle delivered to all of our hideouts. Now we’re gonna head to the top of Cochrane Dam. Where we scaled the wall with the Patriot right here. Hidden package eighty-one. And then, same sorta thing, looks like an observatory point of some sort. Awe, who knows where that would take you down below deck or, I guess I’ll never know. Hidden package eighty-two. So now, we’re gonna go to Asuka Kasen’s Yakuza deathtrap in Bait location. Also, there was a unique stunt jump their that we’re gonna hit up to access this next package. We’ll see how we land here. Can be a little dicey doing that. Oh, we made it, that’s what matters. Okay, give me one second. Hidden package eighty-three. And there goes our Cartel Cruiser. We’ll get a bobcat. Oi! just behind here. Hidden package eighty-four. Just over there. their it is. But, we’ll use this, this here warehouse to jump over. Here we go.

Hidden package eighty-five. If you line this Bobcat, or I would have preferred to be in the ah, Cartel Cruiser but this should work anyway. Up here, move guy. You can just set yourself up nicely like that. Hidden package eighty-six. A bit of graffiti. Grab this Banshee, and we’re gonna head to Hope Medical Centre, or College I mean. Same thing, Hidden package eighty-seven. Now behind, Liberty City Police Department (Pike Creek branch). Hidden package eighty-eight. Okay, so now we wanna go back here. Where is it? Just here. You don’t have to go all the way around there but, it is what it is. Hidden package eighty-nine. So now we’re gonna go to where our seventh unique stunt jump was. That spiralled broken bridge. Which is off to the dirt track down here. Yeah, just over here where we cleared the river. That’s a good little bit of a view hey? Got some planes (3). Hidden package ninety of one-hundred and there’s our M-16 delivered. So now, we’re gonna head to the Lips 101.09 something sign. I forget the station name. Oi, Lips 106. That’s the one. Awe, look at that aircraft landing yew! Sick! Hidden package ninety-one. Now we’re gonna take a quick walk down the subway section. We’ll leave the car their. When I say walk I mean, sprint! And jump over that and than over this. So just down here near the BADFELLAS billboard. Hidden package ninety-two. So now we’re heading to the local FD at Francis International airport. We’ll set this Banshee up, cause we’re going through their next. There we go, behind the firetruck. Hidden package ninety-three. Down this way. Hidden package ninety-four. Now we’re gonna go right into the airport grounds. Sorry, we’ll go back this way. We’ll bust through the gate. We probably could’ve gone that way, who cares!

Straight under the, straight under the aircraft wing down here. Did we pass it? Or is it this one? There it is! Hidden package ninety-five. Straight over here, same situation. Hidden package ninety-six. Now we’re going to the helipad, where there’s a helicopter. Hidden package ninety-seven. Okay, let’s not fall out in the water there. That could have happened just then. Lucky I looked. Hidden package ninety-eight. Awe here we go, sick! Awe, where too boss? We’re flying the aircraft now. Mad. So, around here, further down here. There she blows. Hidden package ninety-nine. Their goes the plane. A roaring through the sky. Pretty cool. For our lucky last hidden package we’re gonna head to that bridge that lifts up and down for no particular reason. There is no ship coming through. It’s pretty cool though. Over this way. So, we gotta go up the bridge as it lifts and be in the centre. Ah, where about’s is the lift though? I think. I can’t remember. Maybe about here, well, their’s the ah shadow. So, we’re in the spot we wanna be. Now we just wait. There we go. Where is it? I can’t see it. Awe, there it is. And just like that. You got all of them. Here’s a little something… We got the Rocket Launcher. And the million dollars. We’ll head back over to Wichita Gardens safehouse. See if we can store this here Banshee. Okay, so here we are. We’ll go around this way. Quick little doughnut. Unintentional, It’s a bit wet. There we are. What’s opening today? Two Banshees. Well, I hope you enjoyed this episode and of course, I’ll see you on the next!

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