Grand Theft Auto III – BAIT (4K) The Definitive Edition | Episode ~ 088

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Transcript: Hello and welcome back to the eighty-eighth episode of this GTA III The Definitive Edition video game series. Today we’re gonna take Ray Machowski’s bulletproof Patriot. He claims It’s bulletproof. I don’t think it is, for this mission. And, we’re gonna see Asuka Kasen here, who’s now returned since Kenji Kasen has been killed, her brother. Little does she know it was us Claude Speed, not the Colombian Cartel. So we’ll take this lift and this is ‘Bait‘. Anything to slow down Catalina and her plans. So, we might take the tunnel over to Shoreside Vale. Also try and keep this bulletproof, quote/unquote Patriot in gear. Give me access.

So, we won’t take that exit. We’ll go this one instead. Take this little shortcut cause this Patriot’s known for hill climbing. Line it up a bit better than that. So for this Bait mission you can lure all three of the death squad vehicles at once. But, they don’t really cooperate that well together so, maybe just do ’em one at a time. Or at least two at once. So, I might just go one at a time. Or, the first two I’ll do together. I might just do the first two together. Two might be a bit easier to make/to manage luring them over their. To the Yakuza deathtrap. This way guy. Their’s the second car. Alright, we’ll take two and maybe we’ll do one off by itself. Awe, that’s cool huh.

Alright, easy fellas. Easy does it, slow down. This way. Ah typical. Alright, we’ll just start off with this guy. If this guy can find his way in then so be it. Oh, so he’s here. We’re gonna jump out. They made quick work of that guy. Okay, let’s go get this final Yakuza death trap car. We’ll Catalina’s death squad. Leading it to the death trap. It’s definitely mayhem if you got all three trying to chase ya. Alright guy, whoops that was a police officer. Don’t need that on our, them on our tail as well. Figure it out guy, figure it out! Oh oh. Don’t, I wouldn’t recommend coming in here officer, your funeral. Can’t even get outta here now. Whoa, almost ran us over. Oh no.

I’m gonna have to sacrifice the Patriot. Or not. Okay I didn’t have to, oh well. No can do guy. Trying to hit me in the back off the head like that. King hit, coward punch. Alright, let’s pick up a vehicle. Something a bit better than that, or that. Take the Kuruma back across the bridge. We’ll, we couldn’t manage to save Ray Machowski’s bulletproof Patriot. Even though it isn’t technically bulletproof, sounds cool though. Alright so, we’re headed back to Staunton Island safehouse. I don’t know why I just got that wanted star. I don’t know why I went that way. Anyway, here we are. I hope you enjoyed this episode and I’ll see you on the next.

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