Grand Theft Auto III – FIREFIGHTER ‘Shoreside Vale’ (4K) The Definitive Edition | Episode ~ 100

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Transcript: Hello and welcome back to the one-hundredth episode of this GTA III The Definitive Edition video game series. And today we’re going to be borrowing a fire truck for this vehicle sub-mission and the station is located right at the air Francis International airport so, we’ll borrow this Diablo, Stallion not a Diablo. Looks close enough. And we might even take the tunnel their. We can go anyway but, we’ll take the tunnel. So the objective here is to extinguish twenty car fires in anywhere in Shoreside Vale. We wanna get it definitely in one attempt and yeah, by doing that we should unlock the flamethrower at every safehouse. So, unlimited ammunition for a flamethrower sounds like a pretty good deal doing twenty fire extinguishes in the three Liberty City districts.

So here we are, sort of, just here. Sorry Liberty City FD. We need to borrow your vehicle. Doing you guys a favour. Let’s get out of here before we toggle on this sub-mission. Alright, awe crap. Alright, let’s go! This is ‘Firefighter‘. This first one’s nice and close, sweet. Looks like a Mafia Sentinel. Alright, where are we going here? Ah yeah. I’m interested to see how these cars spawns up here versus the Taxi destinations in the last episode. It was bloody a challenge, but the best area to be doing it if your not in a rush for Taxi Driver. Alright, over at Pike Creek. Watch out! Heavy vehicle coming through. Awe, whoopsie’s. There she blows alright if we don’t get that out in time. Back to Wichita Gardens. See if we can do a big slide around this bend if there’s no cars in the way.

Ah, almost. Keep me outta that. Oh! That was an awfully long distance! Yeah, where we going! But you need to move your car, firetruck. Alright, this is nice and close. Stay in here for a while guy! Beautiful, I don’t know how good it is on the timer though, not that it probably matters. Take me back here, yeah! Got some great spawns here. I wonder if that will reach, not quite. Yeah, clocking up these car fire extinguishes. See if we can get another one back here. Not in this, oh. Alright, this is the place you wanna come to if you’re in a rush and try and keep it spawning here. However it happens, if It’s the way it is or, the position of the vehicle when you extinguish the fire. But, this is just perfect right now after just doing Taxi Driver last episode.

Alright, let’s extinguish that Stretch right their. Wow, what a sick little hustle this is. Oh, I’m on your team guy, watch out. Awe, look at that city in the background over at Staunton Island, that’s sick. Just approaching midnight in-game GTA. Well this has been a very pleasing fire truck firefighter episode. Got one more to go. Get one up there, near the safehouse even. Alright, there we go. Notification: Flamethrower delivered to hideout. That’s all of the vehicle sub-missions pertaining to the firefighter. Let’s head back to Wichita Gardens safehouse. We’ll let the fireys come grab this and take it back to their department. Well, I didn’t toggle it off, but I don’t know if I had to. Well, I hope you enjoyed this episode and I’ll see you on the next!

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