Grand Theft Auto III – TAXI DRIVER ‘Shoreside Vale’ (4K) The Definitive Edition | Episode ~ 099

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Transcript: Hello and welcome back to the ninety-ninth episode of this GTA III The Definitive Edition video game series. So today, we’re gonna attempt our third acts of vehicle sub-missions. Our first being a taxi cabbie. So we’ll grab this guy and toggle the mission which is ‘Taxi Driver‘. Alright, let’s get this Red Jack. Where’d you need to go buddy, Cochrane Dam, too easy. We’ll go this way. Probably should have went to the next drop-off but, this will do. So for a little insight into this episode. Originally, I wanted to do thirty-three fares in a row but I tried a number of times and some of the destinations going back and forth between Wichita Gardens and the airport in particular. Both ways, it really eliminates your time. So, unless ya getting some incredible destinations spawned, It’s incredibly difficult to do thirty-three in a row. I don’t even know if it would be possible. I’m not gonna do my head in over it. So, we’re just gonna have a more enjoyable attempt for a thirty-three taxi fares. So, I may get damaged, but I’ll use the Pay ‘N’ Spray which I’ll definitely will be at some point. I’ll try and hold off for as long as possible. I’ll calculate it throughout the run as best as possible. So, this will just be a chilled taxi driver episode that’s gonna be incredibly long cause of the destinations. Taxi fare two complete. Where to guy? Cochrane Dam, alright. So far these have been some really good locations. It doesn’t normally happen. There you go. Jump in guy. What are you waiting for. What are you waiting for. Back to Wichita Gardens north-west towers. So, by the time we complete these thirty-three fares we should have tallied up one-hundred taxi fares in total. So, we will unlock the Borgnine taxi, which I’m curious to see what that’s all about. And ah, you don’t have to do all the taxi fares in ah, each Liberty City district. You can do it all in say, Portland district or Shoreside Vale like I’m doing now, It’s up to you. But, I’ve just done it this way cause it just works well with what I am doing. Where to guy? Not the airport hey. Awe, Cochrane Dam cool. So far, this has actually been a great run in terms of destinations. It’s been a while since I’ve had one. It’s pretty much my second one that I’ve had that’s been really good out of say like, three hours. Give or take, we’ll probably take a bit away. Where to? The Park. Also, there’s a good D-Ice optional payphone mission their at that destination where we had to melee a whole set of ah, Purple Nines for the Rad Jacks gang. Southside Hoods gang conflict around here. Ah, we’ll go this way. I’m not stressing this run. If we don’t get the whole thirty-three in a row, it is what it is. We’ll try our best though regardless. Okay, that’s a bit silly going that way. We’ll just go here. Ah, can’t see. Awe. at least he didn’t flee. Hmm, If only I could take that guy from here it would be incredible. Alright, keep me away from that bloody airport thank you very much. Sweet, import/export garage. I mean if I can do ten fares, eleven fares sorry within the time before either repairing the car or whatever. I’ll be pleased with that result. Jump in, where to mam? Back to the Park area sweet. I would like to go straight off their and just drop off the cliff but, I reckon that wouldn’t be a smart idea. Okay, there we go.

That’s damage enough to require a Pay ‘N’ Spray, so that’s where this ends and we’ll have to start again. Okay, please let me go this way. Where to? Francis International airport. W’ell from here It’s not a bad way to go. Just depends on where you are and where you gotta head. The worst case scenario from Francis that could happen is going all the way back to say, The Park. Or just ah, Wichita Gardens area in general. A hassle on the time if you wanna do em’ in row. Alright, let’s not go back to that direction we just said please! Yep, The Park. We’ll you can’t always win can ya. Alright, watch out guy, watch out guy! Taking the traffic head on here to save a little bit of time until we can cross over. Phew, oh my god. What out Mr. Stretch. I mean if there was like just an exit right there to The Park. I’d laugh if there was. Whoopsy, we’ll go this way. Yeah, there definitely isn’t an exit which sucks, oh well. Oops! Look for a fare all the way back in Wichita Gardens. So much time wasted. Where to? Okay, hospital. I like that destination right now. I don’t know how much damage this Taxi’s taken, a Pay ‘N’ Spray stops due. I think we’re right for a little bit here. Looks like we’re approaching night-time in GTA time. And, I wonder where we’re gonna go from here. Well we got ten, if we can get one more, I’ll be pleased. If everything goes awry. Cochrane Dam, nice. Alright god damn it. Sorry love, where to? On our way to Francis International airport again but, from a decent direction and some decent time added. Awe really, that’s unbelievable. Alright, we’re gonna have to stop at the Pay ‘N’ Spray soon. Hopefully we can get near it before we have to. Yep, we smoking. I wonder if we can even bloody pick-up another passenger right now. We’re smoking. At least we got eleven done, that’s all that matters. We’ll take that! Alright, oh my god, we’re going to the Pay ‘N’ Spray. Getting some serious luck here. And, we’ll be heaps careful not to damage this car because I reckon it will cause the passenger to jump out. So, we wanna try and get there carefully. And this rain! Oh whoops. Alright, takes a bit of pressure off for a bit. Guy! Oh man, look at this passengers location, Jesus! Could have I went around there, I mean, through it? Probably! Alright, that’s nice time here. Oh ya, eyes on the road not the map! Well, I didn’t expect this to be going as well as it did. So now, I’m trying hard to now complete the whole thirty-three but, It’s still so far away. But, it will still be good regardless to see how many I can do without stuffing it up. Jeebers, all the way to The Park in Shoreside Vale. Where you at traffic? Look at that horrendous cluster truck. Yeah, night-time pursuit now. Pretty nice out here at night. Well we got fifteen in a row, how about that! Where to boss? Not the airport I hope. Cochrane Dam, thank you guy, appreciate your destination. Still got time but it feels like It’s not comfort-ability zone. Oh no, I just realised I went the wrong way. Not necessarily the wrong way but, potentially a longer way. I don’t know what happened there, I wasn’t thinking straight. I wonder how that’s gonna impact these spawns and destinations. Where to? The Park, okay. A bit out the way, but we might be able to manage that for you.

Um, I think that’s necessary to come up here. Oh ah, yeah we’ll go this way. Oh no, awe lol. That was almost goneski’s. Looking for a fare nowhere to be found. That’s the only bad thing about coming here. You gotta go all the way back and all that time get’s wasted. Okay, going back to The Park. But I reckon, that’s us done with the timer. Hustle baby! Might scrape in another passenger here. Jump in, where to? Phew, okay that’s all she wrote I reckon. Um, yeah that sucks. Well we got eighteen. That’s a lot better than I expected. Alright, come down here. We’ll take eighteen. Move out the way. Well, that was pretty solid. So, we got fifteen left. Let’s ah, go repair this. Hang on, nineteen, twenty, thirty so, twelve. Yeah fifteen, just making sure. Maths definitely not my strong suit. We’ll see if we can do fifteen in a row and if It’s anything like most attempts I’m having, It’s not likely. Alright, here we go, take two Taxi Driver. Alright here we go, jump in. Fifteen to do. A lot of time added there but, it don’t mean crap. O don’t know why I bloody keep coming to this side where there’s a bloody ridge line there. It never seems to be a good spot. Let’s try coming this way. Yeah, that’s the ticket right there. Awe my god. Bloody lights. Jump in mam. Hospital in Pike Creek, alrighty. Look out for that Red Jack. I mean, if there’s some hidden passage way between Wichita Gardens and Pike Creek, like across the water some how. I reckon it could be possible to do thirty-three in a row. Like there’s some like, glitch water area you can just drive over. But I don’t know if there is, there could be. Who knows? Where to guy, Construction Site? Back to The Park. I mean, realistically you could probably find a jump over wait, over that water on this way back. But then, you gotta risk damage and cause the passenger to flee in terror. Or, just land upside down or something ridiculous. Slow your vehicle up so It’s too much to risk. Yeah, a much better way coming this way than sticking to that ridge line. Alright, Francis International. We’ll at least save a bit of time coming this way. Bloody hell guy. How many Taxi’s are here? You think you can trick me guy. Alright, that’s the first time somebodies spawned over there. Usually the other direction. North-west Tower Wichita. Well hmm. I’m taking the tunnel but I don’t know if I’m gonna make it. Need a flawless run through here. Okay, I don’t know why I didn’t get a wanted star. So, that’s a good example of how bad your luck can be with the destinations. So that’s, what nineteen? So what, fourteen more. Alright, here we go jump in. Import/export. Okay so, awe that’s horrendous. We may not even make this. That’s a bad spot to activate. Yep, what I’m gonna do I’m gonna cancel that. I’m gonna find a better spot. There’s probably no making that. Alright, here we go. Eleven remain. We should get notified anyway because we’ll unlock the Borgnine Taxi, if I lose track. Ah, the dam. They just be busting caps around here. Jump in Hawaiian shirt man. Oh Francis International airport okay. We like in this position. Heck, I might even, hmm, nah. Was gonna go to the Pay ‘N’ Spray quickly. Slippery when wet on this grass. Oi. Look at that rain causing us to spin out. All the way back to The Park.

How about that god damn it. I don’t know if you can manipulate your destinations say for example, you were facing a certain direction towards where you wanna go, it may have some effect. Or maybe It’s just complete RNG. But, if you ever go to the International airport. It’s quite common you either gotta go to Wichita Gardens or The Park from what I’ve experienced thus far. Alright, left. I hope this doesn’t exceed an hour long because that would be terrible. We need to get some good spawns man. Alright, that’s exactly sorta where I wanna be going. Might have some ample opportunity to get a Pay ‘N’ Spray stoppage. I mean It’s It’s, really fun doing Taxi Driver out here in Shoreside Vale if you aren’t going for a certain amount in a row. Just for enjoyment sake. Probably the best spot to be doing it for pleasure purposes. If that’s a thing for some of y’all. Yeah, I was wondering if you can go through here. You might be able to. Yeah you can. It would’ve trimmed a little bit of time off. Park! Looks like I’m missing out on the Pay ‘N’ Spray. Fingers crossed gang banger’s won’t be shooting at us. Or stray cats. Bloody Colombian. Yep, we’re starting to smoke so, we probably should have stopped at the pay and spray. Let’s see if we can get lucky and get back out there. Oh, oh. Awe, I like had no control over that then. I do believe six more to go. Oh my god. That’s like the worse possible place right now with this damage and time. Ah, this guy’s listening to Beats By Dre in the back with his head set on. Watch out guy. Awe, this cluster of truckers. Not this time guy. Alright oh ah. Well, that sucks. Yeah I thought it was trashed. Oh my god. That’s frustrating as, right their! Oh man. I think we’re at twenty-seven. Should have stopped at that Pay ‘N’ Spray when I had the chance. Alright, Taxi Driver take, bloody three or four, or wherever It’s at. Back to the airport aight. Alright, that’s a great spawn for the destination. Ha, needed that one. I hate going all the way back to The Park from there. Gonna minimise chit chat from here. I’ve already said enough. Are you joking me. What are you doing? Back to the airport. Let’s don’t mess this up now. We’ve come way to far. Nice, my mind says that there’s three remaining but I can’t say that for a fact. Cause I suck at maths. I’m very basic when it comes to mathematics. I know what I need to know. Alright, we’re gonna cut through this little section that we’ve discovered. North West Towers in Wichita Gardens, can’t complain. Import/export perfecto. I wonder if this will be the last fare. We’ll see I’d imagine. We should get some notification that one-hundred has been completed. There still may be another one or so, we’ll find out. There we go. Just got the ‘Where To’ trophy earned and that is Taxi Driver complete. So, I might go head back to Wichita Gardens. Where are we, yep, toggle off that and we earned, well, we couldn’t really get an accumulated earnings, so I can’t calculate that. That was a good time regardless. I’m still impressed I managed to do twenty-two or so. Got some really good spawns initially of destinations. Alright, time to hit the hay. Oh, slow down guy! Let’s just store this Taxi for shits and gigs. Okay, we can’t, we got that their. Alright, let’s just park it here. I hope you enjoyed this episode. It will be a little long in the tooth but, I’ll see you on the next.

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