Grand Theft Auto III – FIREFIGHTER ‘PORTLAND’ (4K) The Definitive Edition | Episode ~ 032

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Transcript: Hello and welcome back to the thirty-second episode of this GTA III video serious, The Definitive Edition. Today we’ll continue working as an emergency worker. More specifically, we’re gonna be a firefighter for the day. Um, this is an optional vehicle sub-mission but we’re gonna go for one-hundred percent so therefore It’s, It’s compulsory for us. Um, so we are gonna go check out the fire department and hope there is a truck available. Sometimes there isn’t and yeah. Let’s see how it goes. And there’s a truck there beautiful. Um, the, we’re gonna be breaking this up into three parts, or three acts also. Same as the taxi and then also the police vehicle. So this is the ‘Firefighter‘. Though what makes this more unique than the taxi is that you gotta extinguish twenty car fires per island. So, It’s not too time sensitive. So this is, should be a good time for the most part.

Nice. Slippery when wet. Where we going? Nineteen fires remain and we have a timer that looks kinda tight so let’s get this heavy firetruck to the next vehicle. Handbrake’s so well in the rain. Perfect slide. You’d think that rain would actually assist in the, putting the fire out. I mean in real life it would to some degree. Oh man this is tight. Wow, That blows my mind how a light pole can spin you like that where if your in like a car it just doesn’t do that usually. My weight distribution’s definitely different. Whoa watch out. One thousand dollars. Three or four fires. Let’s not roll it. I guess this will be pretty straight forward. It’s just really the time that’s the enemy and obviously the Triads.

And, I don’t wanna talk about those guys they’re so frustrating I’ve come to realise. Ah nice. I love the way this thing slides. Oh it does have a siren. I don’t really feel we’ll need to use it though. Might have to employ it sometimes. Right now for example. Crazy taxi’s. Oh a Diablo Stallion on fire. Flame job and flame carcass of a car. That was fun. I wonder what that means. My mothers my sister. Oh ha ha, yeah. Well the locations aren’t as difficult as some of the ah taxi locations. Like on the main road, pretty easy to get to. We’re half way. Just give the people a little hosing while I’m at it. Cool down, you look hot. Whoa. We got some nice time clocked up. We should be able to get through this. Whoa. Ahem, excuse me. Oh, natas spin. Ha ha, that was so cool. That was epic. Whoa. Oh look at that ah just got the ‘Splish Splash’ trophy. Must’ve been cause I got, must be fifteen for that trophy.

I wonder if you get another one if you do the whole sixty. I’ll find out at some point. I’m not urgent to find out. Whoa, whoa. Cool down police officer. Oh the time. It’s not too bad but getting stuck like this isn’t good. Traffic pole. Okay so we’re going down Chinatown. Never a good time. Whoa. I’d imagine this truck can take a bit of damage though. One would assume. Oh, Trashmaster get’s to drive again. Good old dust cart. Chinatown again, Watch out for that cliff taxi. Just headshotted a bloody innocent bystander. Which way, ah. Usually It’s going backwards and now It’s just straight ahead. So yeah one more, nice. It’s good that we got all that in one go and the flaming Diablo Stallion. ‘Relief Pitcher’ unlocked. Okay so, we’re just gonna toggle off that mission. We earned fifty-two thousand, five-hundred GTA dollars. Um, no doubt this will not fit in the vehicle garage at Portland safehouse. But, we’ll take it anyway. It’s fun with the handbrakes. Going out wide. Well, I hope you enjoyed this episode that was ‘Firefighter’. I’ll see you on the next.

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