Grand Theft Auto III – VIGILANTE ‘PORTLAND’ (4K) The Definitive Edition | Episode ~ 033

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Transcript: Hello and welcome back to the thirty-third episode of this GTA III Definitive Edition video series. Today we’ll be participating in our final vehicle sub-mission for this act, or this island. Um, so we’re gonna go over near the hospital to the Police station where we will find a police vehicle and activate the quest. Um, this is my second attempt at this. I learnt all I need to know on the first attempt. Because I managed to get four stars and I ran out of bullets and I’ve got a strategy in mind. Whoops, we’re not going here. But we’ll park here. Oh no we got wait, Triads everywhere. This is ‘Vigilante‘. Let’s go catch us some, some bad guys. When I say catch em’, murder them. Alright so we got plenty of ammunition for now but, we’ll have to definitely make a few stops. And the goal here is to do twenty today. It’s gonna take a little bit to do because we’ve got a fleeing vehicle and you got police you gotta worry about, this and that. Ammunition. Luckily if you get out the car you got a timer though. Ah this things fast, okay. Tricky. He doesn’t wanna get out of his vehicle does he. This psycho. But that’s the way ha ha ha. There we go. Your boxed in to your own death. Alright that’s one. Nineteen to go. Ammunition’s looking good. No stars. Just keep us outta the Triad vicinity and we’re laughing. Eh Patriot. Shouldn’t be too quick. This one seems a bit souped up. Flee for your life. Whoa. There’s no way I’ll be able to maintain this vehicle for twenty arrests. So, at the same time I don’t wanna like jack a police vehicle and get some stars.

That’ll be painful. So I might have to go back to the police station when I’m close by to quickly trade up a vehicle if I can remember. Otherwise there’s just gonna be a little struggle eventually. That’s it. Awe that’s what you want, nice and easy. And you don’t want that. And the worst problem here is I’ll probably get two stars, yep damn it. But, I do remember where a star is to remove one. Up this alleyway somewhere. Okay, let’s hope that’s enough to get rid of the wanted level. Dammit, I was gonna try and trade up a vehicle. Come on lose that star. You can do it. Come on surely. Ha, yes. That’s amazing look at that. That’s what’s up. If you get the job done quickly you get a nice time bonus. Ah that’s a lot of bullets wasted. There we go. Ha ha. Where are we? Okay we’re heading near Ammu-Nation, that’s where we’re heading. C’mon, lose that wanted level. Come on. I would have liked to get one more clip but I heard that police officer. And we lost him right on time. I mean, I could’ve quickly swapped over a vehicle, maybe if I have to come back this way. Yes, that was nice. Yep, time to trade up. Been a nice vehicle thus far. Please let me enter. What, I hate that. I don’t understand it. Sometimes it just won’t let you in the emergency vehicles. Whoa. Like I mean, one time between my first and now second attempt I quickly tried again but I didn’t even end up getting in the vehicle because it wouldn’t let me in the two police vehicles there. They were both locked. I don’t really count that as an attempt, I couldn’t even start the mission.

Okay were are we. Let’s take it steady, get rid of this wanted. This is actually kinda fun. It’s definitely a bit more challenging than the fire truck firefighter mission, sub-mission. We’re definitely gonna hang out, hang back a little to we lose that star. Ah no, we were chased, tailed by the police. That ain’t good at all. Let’s just, hopefully we can lay low. Awe the timer’s running out but. Gonna have to just take that risk. Okay we got a nice bit of time there. Oh, ten to go. I don’t really wanna mess up now. That star just doesn’t wanna leave. Can’t even understand why. Doesn’t usually take that long. Come on. Getting to the two minute mark ah. That’s always nice when they stop. Alright well, since we’re here I know what I’m doing. Alright, worse comes to worse, we can’t lose this star for whatever reason I’ll have to go up this alley way. Just don’t give me another star right now, please that’s the last thing I need. If I get this, I can’t believe this. It’s just not fair. Alright we got a real big timer issue right now. I need to get lucky here. I think we might be right. He’s going that way. Ha, bloody truck madness. Yes, no. We almost got it. Ah come on, ah It’s gone, good. There’s more of these, but it doesn’t wanna open up. See, ridiculous. Wasted that time for no reason. Alright, seven left. Now in night pursuit. Come back hither. I mean come hither. Oh yeah I’m gonna wait a second. Get out. This guy’s got some body armour for sure. I think we might have enough bullets now to finish this off. Just got the trophy ‘Going Rogue’.

That must be fifteen done, yep. Looks like I can one for every fifteen. Firefighters tier. Oh look at that nice and close. No wanted stars, couldn’t ask for a better situation. It’s a fast car though. What is it an Infernus or something? Haven’t driven one yet in this playthrough. It looks like it. Now It’s four left. Nice juicy timer. Can we now use another vehicle? No we can’t. Ah, this is such a time waster. Open up! What is that. Well, that’s alright because he’s ended up this way. What? That didn’t get him. Damn near close. Come hither. Oh oh, right near the officer. Let’s not try get in that vehicle It’s bugged out. I’m a bit worried now I could at the last minute get shot up and the vehicle blows up and that would just cause a big issue for sure. Okay I gotta get this guy he’s quick. What are the odds if this vehicle just blows up and there just won’t be a police vehicle around to get. I reckon that’s what will happen, that’s why I am so scared of that happening. And the timer’s getting tight again and I got this guy but. Oh nice. Alright last one. Surprised I got this on my second go. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Get out the way. Should be good. Yeah take that, give me your tire. And that’s that! Oh no, no, no, don’t you dare pull me out. You both can get run over. What’s that? Police Bribe deliver to hideout. Vigilante bonus. Okay so I’m gonna toggle off this mission. We killed twenty criminals. So let’s go back to Portland safehouse, end the episode. Will the police vehicle store in the garage? That is the question. I hope you enjoyed vigilante and I’ll see y’all on the next.

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