Grand Theft Auto III – VIGILANTE ‘Shoreside Vale’ (4K) The Definitive Edition | Episode ~ 101

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Transcript: Hello and welcome back to the one-hundredth and first episode of this GTA III The Definitive Edition video game series. As you can see their, there’s our flamethrower we just unlocked. And, we’ll borrow this Esperanto and drive this over the bridge into Pike Creek, because we wanna attempt our final vehicle sub-mission driving a police cruiser. So, we’ll head to the Liberty City Police Department in Pike Creek and that’s pretty much directly across the road from the hospital or Hope Medical College It’s also known by. Today’s objective is to apprehend twenty suspects and by doing that we’ll unlock two more police bribes at every safehouse. We’ll pull up just here. See if we can even get in here. Na not today, not today. Alright, we got a police car around, yep, right their. Alright, sorry about this but. Alright, I’ll toggle on this sub-mission right now and this is ‘Vigilante‘ in Shoreside Vale. Yakuza Stinger, where are you going pal. Pike Creek, looks like police are gonna be a nuisance in this. Surely we can lose that star by the time we get their, naturally, I hope. There we go. Oi, alright, cut this guy off down here. Whoa, flying in a truck with no trailer. Alright incoming, not good though. Ah, his in a dust cart Trashmaster. Well, let’s ah grab this here police bribe. Might have to a vehicle swap at some point if I get the opportunity. Alright, we got a Landstalker. Ah, not near the copper guy. Yeah go down there, fly down their into that pole.

Ah, that copper. It literally just like followed us. Pike Creek, We really wanna lose this star. It’s like nowhere safe around here to take out anybody. This guy. Outplayed copper. Okay, not cool man. That’s where we wanna go, Francis way. Should be able to get a police bribe if It’s respawned, we hope. God damn it, It’s not their. Is this a Blista? I mean, this is not cool. Might need to know where another bloody police bribe is, I only know that one. I’m sure there is more than one in Pike Creek. We’ll go this way, nah, he’s going that way. Oh my god, really. Okay, not ideal. Pike Creek. We really need to get out to Wichita Gardens near the safehouse if we wanna have a chance here. Otherwise It’s gonna be hell. Another Taxi. Cedar Grove. Awe there we go theirs a bribe there. I got to remember that one, that will help. So I know two now. Um hmm, whereabouts in Cedar Grove? Okay, he’s coming this way in a Rumpo. Ha awe. He’s got a flamethrower looking device their. Oh oh, get out, out. Oh crap. Didn’t even see that then. Oh my god! Hopefully that first police bribe has respawned. Oh, three stars again god damn it! Go that way guy, yes. Looks like It’s in a Cheetah. God dammit. How’d you get through there so easily? Alright, there’s our fifth police bribe. Alright, maybe we should go for that police bribe, I’m sure it’d be, where was it though, up here somewhere. Um, surely it was. Or did we pass it? Na just here, awe no it hasn’t respawned yet.

Alright, crap timer, not cool. I mean, if we can get to Wichita Gardens near the safehouse for the suspect, that’s golden. He’s in a, what’s he in? Oh my god that timer. Just had to be in a fast car didn’t ya. Yes. Jesus! This is a hairy ass vigilante mission. And we’re going around the world just to get back. But I know theirs two police bribes that should be there by now, I hope. If we can avoid getting a third star before the next police bribe it should be smooth sailing hopefully. Okay, It’s not respawned, not cool. Awe, he got into another vehicle? Ha ha. Cochrane Dam, okay. Okay, seven remain. It’s in a Perennial, got a god damn flamethrower. Three stars, not cool. Cochrane Dam, come here Mr. Rumpo guy, Well he’s flying now, straight into a tree? Nah, ah you god damn officer. Trying to help you here and this is what you’re doing. C’mon, send us to Wichita Gardens guy! Alright, where are we? How much time we got? Two minutes oh. This has turned out to be quite the challenge. It’s fun though, awe. Awe, I just seen that. It’s fine to come back, no time for that though. Maybe, the guy’s coming over this way. Where you going? Alright, closing in. In a god damn like Moonbeam. No! You are joking. Unbelievable, I don’t know if we can ah, trade up a vehicle one more time if we got so many stars, because we’re gonna get killed by the cops. Alright, awe, awe police bribe be their, we need you guy.

I swear we’ve had police wanted stars majority of this and it does make it more exciting but, It’s pretty frustrating. And it looks like this vehicle’s about to blow. I don’t know how I’m gonna get outta this one. Oh two more. Ah, I know what to do. Guarantee this won’t let me in. Yes, we got access, it was locked before. Alright, that may have saved us. Alright, over a minute. It’s taking the god damn tunnel. Oh no, where have I gone? Went down too far. Whew no, no, no, no, no. No, no, no. Not this far into it. C’mon, yes! Oh man, back to Pike Creek, plenty of time. So, this is the final suspect to assassinate unfortunately. We can’t arrest em’ ha ha. They don’t know Claude Speed’s on the case. He takes no prisoners. Honestly, the most enjoyable Vigilante section is here in Shoreside Vale. It’s the most action packed and pretty, can be pretty close quartered, which is good. Alright, two-stars, that’s alright though. Where you going? We got it? Where is he? There we go, just got ‘Furious First Responder’ trophy and yeah. Let’s ah, and I just got new milestone reached trophy level up. I don’t know what that is. And vehicle sub-mission, and that’s every vehicle sub-mission completed in this GTA III Definitive Edition video game series. Time to head back to Wichita Gardens and we should now see six police bribes. Smooth sailing from here Sheree. Ah, oh my. We might get shot here, let’s get some health just to be safe. Theirs our six police bribes. I hope you enjoyed this episode and I’ll see you on the next.

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