Final Fantasy X – FIEND CAPTURE [INSIDE SIN] (4K) Save Sphere 2: HD Remaster | Episodes ~ 145


Transcript: Hello and welcome back to the one hundred and forty-fifth episode of this Final Fantasy X HD Remaster playthrough. Now, we’re gonna fly Fahrenheit back into the Sin areas. So, we can capture the required fiend’s for the Monster Fiend Arena in the Sea Of Sorrow and City Of Dying Dreams, both within Sin. Adamantoise captured! Gemini is captured with the sword and also the Gemini with club. Exoray is caught. So, this is gonna be a longer episode cause of um, how much HP some of these fiend’s have. I’m trying to get through it, strategically as possible! Plenty of Adamantoise in the Sea Of Sorrow. Not looking forward to Barbatos. Actually, I might be able to do a spell, Double Cast Demi. Entering the Sin City Of Dying Dreams where the Great Malboro lurks.

Demonolith captured! Wraith is captured! That’s the tenth Adamantoise caught! Armor Break has a fifty percent chance of landing on Barbatos I’m pretty sure. Barbatos captured! The good thing about capturing Behemoth King is that it won’t use the Meteor attack when defeated. With that said, Behemoth King captured! Whoop ah! That’s the tenth Exoray caught. Great Malboro has been caught and it didn’t use Bad Breath, that’s a good thing. Definitely liking this spot underneath, underneath ah, the walkway there. Seems to be good with spawning the tough fiend’s. Please don’t use Bad Breath, yes but, Tidus is getting a dose of Bad Breath there. Always seems to be the favourite for getting chewed on and spat out. That’s the tenth Gemini Sword and Club captured!

Ah, this is where you start getting everything you don’t want. I’m surprised we haven’t had many Barbatos encounters. Ah, Bad Breath! Who lucky. I could have sworn Auron had Darkness then. So that was scary. Awe! Oh oh, he does have Darkness, that sucks. Auron’s gonna switch out for Yuna real quick. Actually, we’ll just use Eye Drops, as long as he doesn’t Bad Breath us again. Awe, oh my god. Well the good news is, this is the final Great Malboro we need. That’s the tenth Great Malboro captured! As long as we don’t get ambushed we’re laughing, by the Great Malboro. That’s the tenth Demonolith captured! Alright, I’m just gonna pause it real quick and end this video cause It’s about to exceed the sixty minute mark. And then, quickly start again. And we’re back!

So, I’ve only got now twenty minutes I believe, roughly. So, all I’ve got left to capture is four Wraith’s, and seven Barbatos and four Behemoth King. So, I’m gonna use it, this twenty minutes to do some Sphere Grid and save it. And than go back and capture the rest of em’, and then come back here and save it again. But that won’t be filmed, I’ll be doing it on my own! So, let’s get a Sphere Grid’n. That’s all I’ll be doing, so nothing special is gonna be missed. Wakka learns the Ability Hastega. Tidus learns the Ability Spare Change and Luck! Tidus uses a Level Three Key Sphere, uses a HP Sphere and MP Sphere. Ah god dammit. Auron learns Delay Buster and Hastega. Auron also learns Quick Hit and Cura! But don’t forget Shell. Yuna learns Reflex! So, characters stats and overall Sphere Grid progression. So, their’s a ‘Traveller’s Save Sphere‘. I hope you enjoyed this episode and I’ll see you on the next!

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