Final Fantasy X – FIEND CAPTURE [MT. GAGAZET] (4K) Save Sphere 3: HD Remaster | Episode ~ 144


Transcript: Hello and welcome back to the one hundred and forty-fourth episode of this Final Fantasy X HD Remaster playthrough. I think I might start setting the Overdrive Modes and I realised, or decided to just pretty much set everyone up for Ally. It makes the most sense to me. Everyone has unlocked that mode at this stage so. And, we’re now gonna head to the Mt. Gagazet Trail and Cave to continue capturing fiend’s for the Fiend Arena. So it begins! Grat has been captured! Bashura has also been caught. Grenade has been captured! Bandersnatch has been captured! It’s quite satisfying running up this mountain and It’s not much of a challenge.

It was certainly a grind when we played through this area. So that’s ten Grat’s caught. Okay so, we already caught ten Grenades, I was just making sure. Let’s use this ah, transporter. Wait no, we don’t want to use that. that’s alright, we’ll go back. Awe, maybe we do. Alright so, we’re in the Cave in Mount Gagazet. Once we’re done in here, we’ll have to go back out in the Trail to collect the remaining Bandersnatch. How much damage are we doing to the Dark Flan? Not much. Dark Flan captured! Ahriman captured! Grendel caught. Behemoth has been caught! Mandragora caught! That’s ten Bashura captured! Oh, their’s a Bandersnatch in here.

That’s a good thing. Maybe it only spawns in this little enclosure. Definitely getting a nice balance of ah, fiend spawns here. Pretty happy of that. That’s the tenth Ahriman captured and Grendel. That’s the tenth Mandragora captured! Let’s go for a swim. Splasher has been caught! Maelspike is captured! Achelous is captured! Okay, using the Al Bhed Potion whilst in the water. That’s the tenth Achelous captured! That’s the tenth Splasher captured! That’s the tenth Maelspike caught. Let’s get the hell outta this water. Crystal clear Mt. Gagazet Cave water. That encounter sucked. That’s the tenth Dark Flan caught. That’s who we need. That’s the tenth Behemoth captured! Okay, I don’t like that, that’s taking too long.

Let’s go back in the cave to find the final Bandersnatch. Huge time waste there. There we go. That’s the tenth Bandersnatch caught and all the fiend’s captured in Mt. Gagazet. Gives just enough time to do some Sphere Grid. Tidus is using a heap of Level Four Key Sphere’s and HP Sphere’s. And one Strength Sphere, a Defense Sphere and a Magic Sphere. Tidus learns the Ability Quick Pockets and Holy. That’s pretty cool. Wakka learns the Ability Slowga. Wakka’s caught up to Auron on the Sphere Grid. Wakka learns Delay Buster and we’ll continue the final with Auron in Sphere Grid next-time. So, their’s a ‘Traveller’s Save Sphere‘. I hope you enjoyed this episode and I’ll see you on the next!

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