Final Fantasy X – DARK AEON [VALEFOR] (4K) Save Sphere 37: HD Remaster | Episode ~ 182


Transcript: Hello and welcome back to the one hundred and eighty-second episode of this Final Fantasy X HD Remaster playthrough. Today, we’re gonna board the airship and fly out to Besaid. And, we’re gonna go head into the Besaid Village and get to listen to the iconic tunes along the way. Let’s equip Lulu’s Variable Mog with No Encounters. So today, marks the day that we start challenging the Superbosses, or the Dark Aeon’s you could call it. They’re both the same thing really. Our first is gonna be Dark Valefor. We don’t want to let it get It’s Overdrive Gauge filled up so, we need to get it out as quick as possible. Here we are! So, here we are, Dark Valefor boss. And Wakka’s gonna unleash Attack Reels and down goes Dark Valefor. First Dark Aeon crossed off the list. So, now that we got access back to Besaid Village, we might as well go into the Besaid Temple and visit the Chamber of the Fayth again. This time we’ll be able to go inside of it but, we’ll have to do the Cloister of Trials again. Because we’ll be able to get a couple of Item’s. This shouldn’t take long. Ah, we were here so long ago. A task that seemed a little daunting at first but, now being back here after everything we’ve been through.

It’s a walk in the park I tell ya. And that’ll do it. Let’s go inside and we obtained the Evasion Sphere, and their’s four chests that contain a Hi-Potion, White Magic Sphere, Elixir and two Potion. So now, we’ll fly back to the Calm Lands Arena where we can continue a little bit of farming. And then, we’re gonna place all of our characters to one section of the Sphere Grid. Once we’ve completed Yuna’s levelling. I just realised we could’ve used the Crusaders Lodge to teleport but, we’ll go to the Promontory of Besaid and teleport. Okay so, we’ve actually defeated all of the Monster Creations. Which will now technically unlock Nemesis as we’ll see in a sec, when we speak to the Arena host. And we obtained ten Master Sphere! No, we’re not gonna fight Nemesis yet. So first thing we wanna do, I need to find perhaps in Macalania. Okay not there. There it is Chimera Brain. We’re gonna Bribe two Level Four Key Sphere’s for one hundred and ninety-six thousand Gil and hopefully that works. Okay so we missed, great. C’mon! Okay so, I don’t know what happened there, we should’ve got two. Let’s just do it again. Ah! Oh my gawd! I didn’t anticipate this happening. Well, that time it gave us two Level Four Key Sphere’s.

I don’t know why we only got the one the first time. Anyway now, we’re gonna farm starting with Kottos. Okay, Yuna’s gonna apply a Speed Distiller. Forty Speed Sphere collected. This time, we’ll use an Ability Distiller. There’s our forty Ability Sphere! Moving over to farming the Fortune Sphere from this Earth Eater. Alright, we’re gonna go for a Slice & Dice with Tidus. See how much damage it actually does, nothing special. Awe my gawd it gave us the Dark Matter. That’s alright, we’ll just skip that. We’re gonna hmm, that sucks. Let’s put Yuna in. Let’s make sure she has, yep, Triple AP Weapon, or Double AP to be specific and yeah. Let’s farm some Sphere Level’s from Don Tonberry for Yuna. We’re gonna speed this up by reflecting Haste onto Don Tonberry. A nice chunk of Sphere Level’s gained. We’ll do that one more time. That should be more than enough to reach ninety-nine Sphere Level’s! There we are, so let’s restock Phoenix Down’s and do Yuna’s Sphere Grid, or a section of it. Okay so, that’s where we are, we’re gonna use a Return Sphere and we’ll head up over here somewhere. Right there’ll do. So we got an Evasion Sphere didn’t we. So, that about wraps up Yuna for today.

So, that’s her stats and overall Sphere Grid progression. Um so, we’ve more or less done a once over with every character, other then the Level Four Key Sphere’s that’re blocking our way. So now, we’re gonna move Tidus over here. No no no no no no! I mean we could do that but, probably better off teleport’n. Ah nah, should be right and we have two Level Four Key Sphere’s to unlock. That’s why we bribed the Chimera Brain. Unfortunately, it took us two bribes. Let’s unlock that second Level Four Key Sphere. Tidus will learn the Ability Auto-Life. So now, we’re gonna use a Friend Sphere for each character and move them to Tidus’s spot. Just like I said, we’ve pretty much done a once over for every character. I mean, even Yuna we can take over there even though she’s got a few more things we could unlock but, we’ll get to that. I think that’s everyone. Oh no Rikku. Get over there Rikku! Let’s just teach everybody Auto-Life, why not. It can’t hurt. Very effective Ability this, especially versing Nemesis for example, or even the Dark Aeon Superbosses. Okay so, we’ll quickly sort our Item’s and Equipment. So, their’s a ‘Traveller’s Save Sphere‘. I hope you enjoyed this episode and I’ll see you on the next!

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