Final Fantasy X – CALM LANDS FIEND ARENA (4K) Save Sphere 1: HD Remaster | Episode ~ 110


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Transcript: Hello and welcome back to the one hundred and tenth episode of this Final Fantasy X HD Remaster playthrough. We’re gonna board the airship and fly it into the Calm Lands, so we can avoid fiend encounters. We’ll jump straight on a Chocobo and ride it directly east to a new area we haven’t seen yet. Which is the Monster Arena! Which is that green square on the mini-map and here we are. Let’s talk to this elderly gentlemen. We accept the challenge! Alright so, to unlock this Monster Arena entirely, you have to collect the nine fiends within the Calm Lands. Now, we’re gonna purchase three Weapon’s. First, the Taming Sword for Tidus and we’ll equip it. Catcher for Wakka and the Beastmaster for Auron. And, since they dish out the most melee damage, we’ll stick to just them as the capturers of fiends.

So, we’re just gonna collect one of each kind and probably the best place to go is north-west in the corner area. At least for the deadlier fiends. We’ll park the Chocobo. Straight off the block is the Malboro. So, let’s get Kimahri out and quickly use the Special Lancet, to learn the Bad Breath Overdrive technique. It wouldn’t surprise me if the whole Malboro and the Bad Breath implies to the cigarette company Malboro. Especially the time of the release of the game, the original. So there’s our first captured! And we’re not gonna worry about rotating the characters whilst capturing fiends. Cause we’re not worrying about experience points. And also, we’ll Flee from encounters we’ve already captured! Next up is the Anacondaur here. So that’s captured. There’s a Skoll caught and now for the Ogre.

There we go, Ogre’s been caught. So, that Mech Scouter doesn’t count as a fiend in the Monster Arena. So we got the Flame Flan! The almighty Chimera Brain with an ambush. Of course it hits Tidus, of course. So, for the tougher fiends we’re waiting on the Coeurl, however you pronounce it. And if we can’t encounter it here in a couple of tries, we’re gonna move sorta inland. Cause I feel that I’ve encountered them more towards the middle. We’ll go one more attempt. Alright, let’s just hang around here and hopefully, we get lucky. So, there’s the Nebiros caught and the Shred. Which leaves the final fiend and whatever’s left last, is usually the harder to encounter. It all comes down to luck. Oh look at that, perfect! Their it is. So, definitely be inland for this fiend. Coeurl caught!

So, let’s go back to the Monster Arena and see what this Monster Arena spokesperson has to say. Ah! You’ve caught all the fiends of the Calm Lands. Now I can reopen the Arena! Here’s a token of my appreciation for our hard work. Okay, a chest has appeared. We can’t open it yet, or we can? So, he’s been researching specimens and created some beasts. And we just obtained Farplane Wind, sixty times. Not now. I’m trying to work out why we can’t look at the um, or maybe we can. Okay so, this is what we’ve unlocked. It’s a list of all the fiends in the different areas of Spira. And, places we haven’t discovered yet. And now, we’re gonna go hunting for all these at different areas. So with that said, their’s a ‘Traveller’s Save Sphere‘. I hope you enjoyed this episode and I’ll see you on the next!

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