Grand Theft Auto III – TRIADS AND TRIBULATIONS (4K) The Definitive Edition | Episode ~ 025

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Transcript: Hello and welcome back to the twenty-fifth episode and mission of GTA III The Definitive Edition. And today we’re just gonna drive our Mafia Sentinel over to Toni Cipriani at Momma’s Restaurant. Salvatore Leone’s visible on the minimap but, we wanna leave him to sorta last before we get out of ah, Portland. I wonder when I can buy some body armour. I’ll probably need it soon. Let’s go get a bite to eat at Momma’s Restaurant.

Hopefully we get to speak to Toni himself or is he gonna leave us a letter. ‘Triads And Tribulations‘. Okay, so we got three points of interest. Awe, It’s all happening. Gang violence in the streets of Portland. The mafia verse the Triads. Whoa, It’s no joke. This could be a tough mission. Let’s get outta here. Bloody hostile. Whoa! That was sick. Awe where do I go. Alright. Got some Mafia here backing us up. That’s the way fellas. Jump in.

The good fellas. Awe, they were coming over to. Got outta there just in time. Whoa, this is mayhem. Oh, whoa. I’ll kill you tough guy. Ew, fish van. Where’s a fish van at? Um, there we go. Wait that’s not a fish van but, I got an idea. We’ll set this up. Wonder if I can get up here. Might need to grab the other vehicle quickly. Hopefully this works. We’ll cheese it. Yes, so far so good. Oh, can we get up here? No. Hmm, a higher vehicle maybe.

Need to like, maybe I can do something here. Fluke something. Can’t even get on this. Awe it worked, wow. That was hairy. Thought I could hear somebody. We’re gonna grab the shotty out cause It’s gonna be straight into it. Wow that was close. And that’s how you take care of those guys. I was a bit worried trying to get in here. I wonder if this vehicle will fit into the Portland garage. Whoopsie. I wouldn’t imagine so but we’ll see. Gonna fit? Don’t think so. Nope. I hope you enjoyed this episode and I’ll see you on the next.

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