Grand Theft Auto III – CHAPERONE (4K) The Definitive Edition | Episode ~ 024

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Transcript: Hello and welcome back to the twenty-fourth mission and episode of GTA III The Definitive Edition. Gonna grab our Mafia Sentinel we got from Salvatore’s and we’ll head back and see Salvatore Leone now. This is where the Toni Cipriani mission coincides with a Salvatore Leone ah, mission. And than we’ll go back to Toni and even back to Salvatore at some point, and then even 8-Ball. And then we get to progress over to Staunton Island which I am very excited for. Awe, let’s get up there. We’ll get up there sorta quick. Sorry lady. Accidents do happen.

I see a nice big frigate over there. That’s a good view, soak that up. Be a nice place to live. I wonder if you can get over to that lighthouse. Probably not by looks of it. Wait, you can’t even go in the water, what am I talking about. Unless you got a boat. It ain’t GTA V. ‘Chaperone‘. Yes sir. I ain’t your pet dog love. Yeah we get to drive the limo again. I do enjoy driving the limousine every now and then. God that’s a bit hairy. Ha ha, Triads again. Alright, change the angle. Whoa, right in time. God that was going so well, until that point. Quick detour. Chico. Yeah Chico.

Awe Triad, what’s this guy doing here? Chased me. I might have to handle some business right now quickly. Are you crazy? Stay down, stay down Fido. Who’s the real Fido. Enjoy the show Maria! Got seen by the Police. Haven’t even got him. There we go, he’s leaving. Tell your friends. Three officers. WTF! I don’t know if I’ve seen three at once yet and for one star. Wow, gotta hot pursuit now. We’ve lost ’em. That’s the party up ahead. Drop Maria out front. Shake that thing. Narcotics. We’re dealing with some heavy crap. Police raid. I’m not here, ignore me. Come on Maria where are ya? There you go. God damned narcotics sting setup.

Thank god, I wasn’t in there shaking my booty. Have we’ve got, ah here comes a police car. What the hell was that Taxi doing pushing me off the road like that. What is it doing? Get up here. Let’s go lay low over at Salvatore Leone’s house. Or mansion on the hills. So, Portland Beach. Awe, he almost got in there ha ha. That would have been funny if he did. Hear that police car revving. Mission passed. We’ve, we’re over the two-hundred thou mark. Time to go save it. It’s getting late. I did nothing huh ha. Import/export garage Portland Harbor. We have orders for various vehicles. Check our notice board for our requirements. Okay, hope you enjoyed this episode. I did, and I’ll see you on the next.

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