Grand Theft Auto III – SALVATORE’S CALLED A MEETING (4K) The Definitive Edition | Episode ~ 023

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Transcript: Hello and welcome back to the twenty-third episode and mission of GTA III The Definitive Edition. I know that we’ve been up until this point following a specific character’s missionline, completing that before moving on to the next. So with ah, Toni Cipriani. We’re still doing that but Toni Cipriani’s missions coincide with ah, a couple of Salvatore Leone missions and even an 8-Ball mission. So, there will be a couple of mismatched episodes but that’s just how it is. It’s unavoidable. Okay, we do hope that this quest will activate.

There I go again ‘quest’. Mission will activate at this time of night. That was close. Hopefully It’s not too late. Beautiful, ‘Salvatore’s Called A Meeting‘. Toni wasn’t present again he’s left a letter. All good. So far this mission ah, sounds pretty simple. Whoa! I actually gave that police car a love tap then. Thank god he didn’t pursue me. Never seen that happen. Come flying out in front of me. Haven’t seen that since I’ve been playing this. Dark and rainy. Yeah get to see Joey Leone again, how cool. It’s been a bit. How’s business been? Well the Triads are after me, or us.

Didn’t mean to torch your fellow mates. Hope this limo’s bulletproof. Triads are everywhere. Awe this is monstrous. Luigi, nice to see you again. Surprising this ah limousine handles really well. Real consistent turning, I like that! Awe ha. People are crazy up in here. Toni Cipriani? Or we’re back at the location. Yeah Toni. Picking up the whole wrecking crew. Awe what’s this? Triads! Oh. No fancy crap, I think this situation calls for some. Got some of the mafia their. Straight through the guts. Are they coming or stopping? There they are. They’re on foot, let’s get in here. Oh the don.

The don mega himself, Salvatore Leone. And that was Salvatore called a meeting. Let’s not go in that marker, that was close. I’m sure that would have activated the next mission. That have been catastrophic in the way this video series is organised. Time to go save it. Very nice ah sunrise about to approach. Good time of the day. Good old Mafia Sentinel’s. Got a bit of speed in it. I hope y’all enjoyed the episode. I know I certainly did. It’s good to catch up with all the boys. And ah, I’ll see you on the next riveting episode.

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