Grand Theft Auto III – SHIMA (4K) The Definitive Edition | Episode ~ 058

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Transcript: Hello and welcome back to the fifty-eighth episode of this GTA III The Definitive Edition video game series. So we’re gonna jump in our Yardie Lobo which is pretty damn sick by the way as you can see. And head back over to Kenji’s casino. We just stocked up with plenty of AK-47 ammunition. Which will more than likely come in handy some stage soon. Here we are, Kenji’s Casino. ‘Shima‘. To let, debt collection by looks of it.

I think this ah, Yardie Lobo might be my new favourite car, at least for Staunton Island. It’s so sick. Alright, what are we looking for. Is that it, nice and easy. Not even a timer. What’s the catch here, surely there’s something gonna happen. Ah, so far so good. Huh, I wonder which gang it is. Probably the Jamaican Yardie maybe. Holy dooley, It’s right across there. Alright well, we’ll go this way instead. Oops, sorry! We’ll take the tunnel.

So this was the catch. It seemed way too easy. Gotta go take out the gang, looks like the Diablo’s. Alright, how we gonna handle this? Cause they’re gonna swarm here I reckon so, at least initially. I might just have to try and run em’ over. Look out here comes a Jamaican Yardie. Oh, crap. We’ll there not coming after me. This guy is. I figured that all the Diablo’s on the side would’ve like chased after me then, so they didn’t.

That would’ve been a problem. We’ll take the bridge back. There we go. Yeah we’ll definitely take the Yardie posse over the Yakuza Stinger right now. I mean, Yardie Lobo. Jeebers. I keep like going down one way streets the wrong direction like accidentally. Happens so often. I don’t mean for it to happen, I just don’t know the roads that well. I just assume every like right-hand lane is the direction I can go on but. Oh, crazy Blista. Alright, enough fun. I hope you enjoyed that episode and I’ll see you on the next.

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