Grand Theft Auto III – ESPRESSO-2-GO! (4K) The Definitive Edition | Episode ~ 089

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Transcript: Hello and welcome back to the eighty-ninth episode of this GTA III The Definitive Edition video game series. Take this Kuruma and we’ll head over to Fort Staunton’s construction site. Where Asuka Kasen is entertaining Miguel, or last time we were their. This is ‘Espresso-2-Go!‘ Cruise Liberty’s districts to find Espresso to go stalls. Already on it. Try and do this in the Kuruma. This mission can be particularly challenging if you approach it the wrong way. I think that a lot of people play this and go straight for the first stall. And then, obviously the timer will start, and than you gotta try and locate all these stalls in a panic sorta thing. So, that’s why the best approach to this is to either scourer all the three Liberty City islands first if you don’t know where to go.

And than, hunt each stall down because they’ll all be displayed on the minimap and overhead map in the menu. So, best strategy for this is to start in Portland borough, or island cause one of the stalls is right smack bang in um Mafia territory, or Leone territory. And, and if you’ve seen the Mafia they can wield Shotguns that can like literally take you out in like two hits to your vehicle. And can be a pain because they can shoot ya and end you real quick. So, I know where to go more or less for all of ’em. So we’ll start off over here in Portland like I said. There’s two stalls in Portland and five in Staunton Island. And two in Shoreside Vale. So, let’s give this a crack and see how we do. Maybe stay in the center of this road to minimise shots taken here. Just to the left here.

One of nine. I’ll try and get out of this territory as soon as I can. Might even stop at the Pay ‘N’ Spray. Bloody Mafia everywhere. What was that? Anyway, somebody needs to retake there license test. Two of nine. So now, we’ll head back over to Staunton Island. Hopefully we won’t get blown up by Triads. Take the Callaghan Bridge over. Alright, We’ll go south first. Ah their it is. Was waiting for it to display on the minimap. Oh oh, thought I was stuck then. Alright, four of nine and there goes the car. Trade up for an Esperanto. Fortunately, you don’t fail the mission by blowing the car up so It’s not a big deal. Into Belleville Park just here. Watch out Yardie. Okay, that’s not gonna work. Two to go. Time to go over to Shoreside Vale. Okay where are we on the map?

Okay, I think we should have enough time to do this. Taking a couple shortcuts. Whoa that was close. Trying to take a shortcut here. Oh, there goes the Esperanto. Let me jump in the car. Good old Stallion. And for the final SPANK stall, we’re going to the sorta city bit of Shoreside Vale. It should pop up soon on the map. There we go. All espresso stalls done. Mission passed. Forty ‘K’. Alright, we’ll go back over to Staunton Island. Save it at the safehouse. Awe, it looks like that bridge is going up. That’s a nice shot right their, I like that one. All over the road there. Gonna try a little shortcut here. Oh, I hope you enjoyed this episode and I’ll see you on the next.

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