Grand Theft Auto III – S.A.M. (4K) The Definitive Edition | Episode ~ 090

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Transcript: Hello and welcome back to the ninetieth episode of this GTA III The Definitive Edition video game series. So we’re gonna jump int his Stallion I mean um, and head over to Fort Staunton construction site to go see Asuka Kasen again. This is ‘S.A.M.‘ No worries Maria, It’s good to see you again. Find the boat and get to the marker buoy. So, the acronym S.A.M stands for surface to air missile if you weren’t aware. Which hints to the type of exercise we’re about to do. From what I remember this is one of the cooler missions in this particular game.

Alright, so we’re at the spot. What do we have here? It looks like a rocket launcher. We already got forty-eight rockets. We’ll take fifty-three thank you. Let’s head over to the marker buoy in this Reefer. In the distance there you can see the plane incoming now. Well there’s two but there’s one that hooting. That’s the one we’re after. Let’s whip out the sniper rifle and have a better look at it. Wait for it to get up a little bit first. Awe, we should be able to see it. Their it is. It is flying! Alright, let’s prepare ourselves. Get the rocket launcher out. It should take about three or four rockets.

Not sure how many exactly but we’ll start firing now. It’s like three or four. And we got four stars so let’s hurry up and get the stash cause I can hear a chopper on It’s way. It’s so hard to steer this thing when It’s so slow like this. It doesn’t wanna turn. Yep, that’s crap. Let’s come at it at a better angle. Had to be right there where the buoy is! There you go. Let’s not go up there. Alright we got the final package. So we’ll go back to where we got on this reefer. Try and avoid these four stars, there’s gonna be police swarming us by the time we get out here. Let’s get out of here. Oh, no messing around these guys. Oh no the Stallion is, is gone.

Oh my god this is mayhem, police mayhem. Find the nearest vehicle to hijack. Awe, there we go. Whoa, these cops are on steroids. More like six stars ha. There flying. Let’s head back to the safehouse. Oh! That is so cool. We need to lose these cops before we go back to the construction site. Too hairy. Let’s see if we can bribe our way outta this. If not, we’re gonna end the episode. Whoa, give me passage, safe passage. Ah, oh what. Go! Oh my god. That is crazy. There we go. I hope you enjoyed this episode and I’ll see you on the next cause I’m gonna save it right here. Or end this episode right here.

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