Grand Theft Auto III – DON’T SPANK MA BITCH UP (4K) The Definitive Edition | Episode ~ 003

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Transcript: Welcome back for a brand new video. Our third video and third mission. And like I mention in the last video i’ll be sticking to Luigi’s missions first so, let’s go activate that mission. Grabbing our vehicle that we stored. And, the, awe look at that. Our bonnet was restored. I don’t know how Eddie got there so fast. He he. Alright. L. Let’s go seek out Luigi Goterelli. Isn’t too far away fortunately. Where should we park. Arr let’s head in here. Oops. Almost ran you over pimp. Nothing suss. ‘Don’t Spank Ma Bitch Up‘. Sure. New high. He wants compensation.

To collect weapons, walk through them. These cannot be collected while in a vehicle. Okay. Press L1 to cycle through your weapons. Hold L1 to open the weapon wheel. So we are gonna sheath our sword. Awe there’s some damage. That’s a tight little section. Alright let’s go seek out this guy, who smacked his female dog up. And there he is courting some females. Park here. Let’s go approach this guy, look at that damage. Even though I hit that side of the car. No, yeah, that side of the car but it caused damage on that side, it makes no sense. Proceed with caution. Nice and steady. How’s he gonna, okay. Punch or kick.

Oop, there’s a kick. You want some of this my friend. Make your move. Okay, there you go! And just like that night night. Let’s sheath it. Ohh pretty nice looking car, what is it? Stallion. Fitting title, fitting title. For someone that picks up prozzies. So we got the vehicle, now we must take it I believe to the pay and spray. Forgot to make a turn so we’ll take a quick sneak through here. ‘Pay and Spray’ your one shop auto shop, one stop auto shop. First time using the pay and spray and certainly won’t be the last. Respray is complimentary. Stash the car in Luigi’s lockup. Ahh got a paint job. I like the old paint job better. It’s lost it’s stallion feel. Woah, who wants an insurance claim.

Dove straight at us. Luigi’s lockup. Let’s not get a scratch on his new ride. And, there we go. Mission three complete. Four grand as the reward. Light work. And, ahh. Now we must save it and definitely not gonna walk that far. So now it’s time to commit our first grand theft auto. Aww there’s a copper there so maybe, come down here a little bit. We’ll take this blue van. Oop. Shut the door. We’ll we weren’t caught in the act. No police chase today. Oh there’s a jump. Steady goes it. Mr scientist. Oh looks like we’ve gone the wrong way. And we’ll store our new vehicle we hijacked. And that;s it for this video. Quick save and then i’ll catch ya’ll on the next one.

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