Grand Theft Auto III – DRIVE MISTY FOR ME (4K) The Definitive Edition | Episode ~ 004

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Transcript: Welcome back to a brand new episode. Continuing on our journey, were gonna go seek out Luigi and activate another quest. Driving our nice blue van. She’s a tight squeeze this one. Let’s just leave it there. ‘Drive Misty For Me‘. Ha ha. So Joey wants some action from Misty. Wonder what that means. I think we can all guess. Go pick up Misty. Oops, came outta nowhere.

Get up. Ha ha. Come on traffic. Oh my god guy, your about to get hit. Ah. Patience is wearing thin here. What are these cars doing? Alright, enough of that. Press L3 to activate the horn and let Misty know you are here. Come on Misty Joey wants some action. Car jacking in broad daylight. See if we can turn. Oops, oops, oops. Slow down guy. There’s Misty in the back there. It’s like she’s incarcerated going to a jail, in a paddy wagon.

There you go Misty. ‘Joey’s Auto Painting Insurance Repairs’. There’s a few players ahh, computer bots jumping out for some insurance claims that’s for sure. No worries! And that’s the end of the mission. One thousand dollars for transporting Misty to Joey Leone. And we now have Joey activated as potential missions. But, like I said, i’m gonna stick to umm, Luigi’s missions first. Just to keep it a bit more organised so I know where i’m at.

Okay so, were going around the block here. And then we will head back and save it. Five o’ clock at, in, in the arvy, slash night. Depending when, where you’re at. Traffic jam, come on. What’s this little barricade doing. Let’s go down this path. Saving our vehicle for next episode. And we’ll, quickly save it and i’ll see ya’ll in the next episode.

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