Grand Theft Auto III – LUIGI’S GIRLS (4K) The Definitive Edition | Episode ~ 002

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Transcript: And where back, on our second episode. And, I was a bit unsure whether I was still in the first mission or not but, this may be conjoined with the next mission for this episode. Um, so let’s just continue on and see where it leads us. Karuma. Awe there you go. Sorry buddy. ‘Luigi’s Girls‘. Which I believe is the next mission. I don’t know why I couldn’t save it but, from here on we should be able to save it and end the mission, end the video. So, press options, open a map of the city. And there’s our map, L2 to zoom out. I do reckon this maps quite good. And being so early in the series they done well. And that’s Liberty City as a whole.

So now our first job for the mob I believe is to go pick up Misty and return to Luigi. I might just quickly turn the brightness up just to see if it helps with the darkness. Just to test it, if it does very little i’ll just put it back to how it was. Awe there we go, that’s a lot better. I’ll have to keep it like that cause when it’s night time, I won’t be able to see much anyway. So, hopefully that improves the quality. Good day ma’am. Misty. R to look around, I already knew that. R3 behind me. Let’s take Misty to the club. Change camera.

I think mostly i’ll play the camera at this angle. Or, I might mix it up from time to time, if I remember. We’ll see how it goes. There we go Misty. Mission passed. We got our first good pay and we got a trophy ‘First Day On The Job’. I don’t know if that will show in the video but, that’s what popped up on the screen. So, I think obviously from here i’ll go save it and end the video. But I might complete all of Luigi’s missions first if that’s possible. But you never know, i’m not too sure. It’s a little bit too bright maybe.

I’ll guess i’ll see if I look at the video on YouTube and i’ll make my assessment and change it, maybe to mid-range of the two. Alright I might as well just save this car, it’s not really worth saving but, for the content. There’s the Karuma. And, there we go, now this is open I can save it. Save. Luigi’s Girls. Save successful. Alright, on that note I might just return in here and i’ll just end the video right now and i’ll see you on the next episode.

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