Final Fantasy X – THUNDER PLAINS AGENCY (4K) Save Sphere 1: HD Remaster | Episode ~ 038


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Transcript: Hello and welcome back to the thirty-eighth episode of this Final Fantasy X HD Remaster playthough. Wrong person! Okay, Rikku’s been KO’d so, I think It’s the first time Yuna’s used Life. Okay, using Lulu’s Watera. And, we’re gonna try to dodge lightning when it flashes. Larva, that’s so much damage that Lulu can do now, with her black magic upgrades. There’s a chest. Inside it lies two Hi-Potion. I noticed that we’re getting a lot of Overkill’s, which is a good thing. I gotta work on my timing. So, a strange stone. If you press square on it. Okay so, these magic casting enemies do a lot of damage in the Thunder Plains South area. This chest has five-thousand Gil, thanks to that Qactaur Stone scene and spotted it. Aerouge, swing and a miss by Tidus. These Gold Element’s do a lot of damage.

Okay, we’re out of ‘MP’ for Yuna so hmm. We’ll have to use Phoenix Down on Rikku when she gets fainted or KO’d. Until we reach a place to replenish our ‘MP’. Watera this Gold Element Lulu with lightning! I suppose we can always use an Ether. It’s probably worth it. I don’t know how far away the next save spot is. I don’t think I’ve dodged any lightning yet, It’s too quick. There goes Rikku ha. I definitely notice the step up in difficulty with these fiends. Oh, how painful. We just wasted all that ‘MP’ trying to keep Rikku alive. Okay, using another Ether on Yuna. Actually, while we’re there, let’s automatically sort the items. Sure Maechen, interesting Maechen. Rikku’s such a target in the Thunder Plains. Yeah, dodged a lightning bolt finally, ha. Say your prayers Larva! Okay, we’re out of ‘MP’ again.

Chewing through the Ether’s, that’s about our fourth one used. Shelinda! Yep, no wedding there Shelinda, will do. Always good to get Overkill’s if you can get em’, for more Ability Points. Thank you, we’ll take that lightning strike. I don’t know how I’m gonna do on this lightning bolt challenge when I come back. In this chest it has a Water Ball, cool. And, we’re gonna press square on this Qactuar Stone. Snap out of that Confusion Lulu. Alright, let’s finish this. Oi okay, Lulu’s right down with her ‘MP’ as well. Okay, we’re getting smashed around in this Thunder Plains South. We’ve only got one Ether left. Okay, that was a waste by looks of it. Rikku wins in the end. Can’t believe I used two of those Ether’s right before we entered here. Anyway, so we’re gonna do some upgrades on the Sphere Grid, starting with Wakka.

It’s always good getting those health increases for your characters, anytime of the day. Kimahri learns Luck Ability. I really feel like we need all the upgrades we can get during this Thunder Plains area. Tidus learns the Ability Slow. Yuna learns the Ability Cura which is a better version of Cure, heals more Health Points. Lulu learns the Ability Reflex. Now we get to finally upgrade Rikku for the first time. And, she’s got ten Sphere Level moves. Much needed health increases for Rikku, four of em’. Five of em’ actually, we got enough moves. Rikku learns the Ability Luck. So, display the status of each character. And, an overall glance of their progression on the Sphere Grid. So, their’s a ‘Traveller’s Save Sphere‘. I hope you enjoyed this episode and I’ll see you on the next!

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