Final Fantasy X – THUNDER PLAINS SOUTH (4K) Save Sphere 1: HD Remaster | Episode ~ 037


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Transcript: Hello and welcome back to the thirty-seventh episode of this Final Fantasy X HD Remaster playthrough. Alright Shelinda. Tell me about the Farplane Maechen! Now, can you tell me about the Pyreflies. Thanks for that history lesson there Maechen, maybe later. Your in the way now Maechen. Okay so, here we are in Guadosalam. We have a chest here by looks of it, obtained Mega-Potion. Just some invaluable information in that room. O’aka. Let’s have a look at this guys weapons, nothing amazing. Alright, let’s have a quick look at our Weapon’s and Armour to see if we can trade up with anything useful. We need to get Rikku some Weapon’s and Armour. I just wanna point here, you see the Brotherhood, how It’s only got Strength plus five and four empty Abilities. Oh, three empty sorry.

Whilst being here in Guadosalam, once though we go to the Farplane, we’ll notice that all these spots will be filled with ah, new Abilities and I’ll show you once It’s done. Alright O’aka, let’s chat, got any weapon’s? So, we’re just gonna sell the couple of items that we’re not using (Weapon’s and Armour). Where are we? Gotcha. And there’s a, their’s an Al Bhed Primer on the floor. And it is, Al Bhed Primer Volume Thirteen. The letter ‘S’ in Al Bhed is translated to ‘M’ in English. Tidus has achieved the rank of Al Bhed Cbaygan. And in this chest it has three-thousand Gil, very nice find. Ah, what’s in this chest? An Elixer. Okay, we gotta go present our self to Seymour Guado, Maester of Yevon. Interesting, will do. Before we go in there, can we go this way? Looks like we can not. Okay Tromell!

I’ve only just noticed Lulu has red eyes. Can you go back in there? Let’s just make sure we got everything. We didn’t come over here. Alright yep, still guarding. Yuna’s going to the Farplane, let’s go up there. Now can I pass? In we go. So I assume now, the Brotherhood has gained an additional ten percent Strength, Waterstrike and Sensor Abilities. So now, It’s quite powerful and very useful. Massive upgrade to that weapon. So Chappu, you look a lot like your brother. Chappu’s disappeared! So, it looked like Lord Jyscal dropped an item for Yuna. So, that about does it for Guadosalam. Your more my type, Lulu. You have a list? Damn woman. Well, that was a good time in Guadosalam. So, we’re gonna head back to the Farplane, if we can now. Cause, in this chest lies the Key Item Venus Crest!

Wait, who was that guy? Alright, we’re leaving the Farplane Lulu and we’re gonna exit Guadosalam to the next area. I must admit, I enjoyed this experience in Guadosalam. Plenty of scenes. So, according to that map we just reaches the Thunder Plains. And, lightning can strike Tidus on the Gandof Thunder Plains. We gotta stick near the lightning rod towers to avoid being struck by lightning. Pressing ‘X’ when lightning flashes, we can dodge thunder bolts. Alright, first things first, their’s a lightning strike. And, in this chest we obtained two Phoenix Down. Had to test that out. So, you can’t steal two items off the same fiend. So, their’s a ‘Traveller’s Save Sphere‘. I hope you enjoyed this episode and I’ll see you on the next!

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