Final Fantasy X – THUNDER PLAINS RIN TRAVEL AGENCY (4K) Save Sphere 2: HD Remaster | Episode ~ 039


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Transcript: Hello and welcome back to the thirty-ninth episode of this Final Fantasy X HD Remaster playthrough. There’s an original copy of a history of summoners Thunder Plains Edition, read. So what that basically says is, those Qactaur Stones, slash Statues that we’ve been activating with square. We’ve been releasing It’s energy to some proportion. Their’s good old Rin! So, we’re just gonna sell our unused Weapon’s and Armour. This Yellow Armlet’s worth equipping but, I think we’ll manage without it. I’m just gonna quickly auto sort the equipment. Let’s see if we can talk to Rin. Okay! Why thank you, obtained Al Bhed Primer Volume Fourteen.

The letter ‘H’ in Al Bhed is translated to ‘N’ in English. Yeah, that’s Sir Auron. Alright, let’s go check on Yuna, see if she’s alright. So, looked like that was the Item Sphere that Jyscal dropped at the Farplane exit. I know ya. Let’s check in on her. Well Rikku, Auron may not want to cheer you up but, Tidus can in the midst of battle. What’s that on the floor? Obtained Yellow Shield. We might as well equip this Yellow Shield for Tidus because It’s Lightningproof, why not. And, on we go. Gotta remember to try and dodge lightning bolts if I can. Oh Qactaur so, we obviously unleashed It’s energy on the Qactuar Stones.

Well that sucks, they ran away but, we got Chocobo Feather’s for it. Their’s a chest and it has an X-Potion. Can you go down this way? In case they run away, let’s quickly try and quickly Steal their items of these Qactaur’s. One-Thousand Needles! Let’s see if Lulu’s second level of Black Magic can take out this Qactaur. Not even close! So, you can go this way, ah yeah. And we have a new fiend, looks super tough. Can you T.K.O. Iron Giant’s? Yep, good to know. Oh, that’s a lot of experience. Activate this Qactuar Stone if it let’s us. Well, I think we have to wait till It’s energy is present. Okay so, It’s reactivated, let’s try and get over there.

But now It’s gone, hmm? So, I’ve decided that we’re gonna go back to now It’s Rin’s Travel Agency in the Thunder Plains, I believe. First, we’ll quickly do a couple of moves on the Sphere Grid mainly because, you’ll see when I get to Wakka. With Wakka I actually missed a node right there. So, we’ll back track with our three moves just to get their. Even though It’s only one point of Agility. At a glance, the characters stats and the overlooking Sphere Grid map. So, theirs a ‘Traveller’s Save Sphere‘. I hope you enjoyed this episode and I’ll see you on the next.

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