Final Fantasy X – MONSTER CREATION [TH’UBAN] (4K) Save Sphere 33: HD Remaster | Episode ~ 178


Transcript: Hello and welcome back to the one hundred and seventy-eighth episode of this Final Fantasy X HD Remaster playthrough. Let’s switch in some characters and equip better Weapon’s. And today, we’re gonna challenge our thirty-first Monster Creation and It’s within the Original list. And that is Th’uban, which looks pretty epic and we’re gonna start off with an Attack Reels. In fact, we’ll do three Attack Reels in total. We’ll Entrust Overdrive gauge to Wakka to make it possible. And down goes Th’uban with an Overkill!

Thirty-first Monster Creation crossed off the list. So now, we’re gonna jump straight into the farming. We’ll challenge Kottos three times and we’ll apply a Power, Mana and Speed Distiller. Forty Power Sphere added, forty Mana and forty Speed Sphere. Get our two Fortune Sphere and that’s the Item’s we’ll need. It just seems to take forever with that Counter Flare. There’s our two Fortune Sphere! So now, let’s switch in Lulu and Yuna, Comrade, Comrade, Stoic! Alright so, we’re gonna do some AP farming from the Don Tonberry.

So we’ll skip with Yuna and Lulu and attack with Wakka. Should only be two attacks required to get ninety-nine Sphere Level’s for Yuna and Lulu if all goes well. Ah, we got ambushed. That could be a problem for reaching the ninety-nine Sphere Level’s. Maybe I’ll chuck a few more attacks in to see if that does it. I don’t think it will but, you never know. Ah okay, it had some effect. Let’s restock our Phoenix Down and sell unwanted Weapon’s and Armor. Auto-arranging our Item’s and Weapon’s. Now we’re gonna jump into the Sphere Grid for Lulu and Yuna.

We’ll just move up to this spot. No, we wanna walk across there guy! Oh my, how did I miss that? And that’s pretty much a once over for Lulu done. Now for Lu ah, Yuna’s ninety-nine Sphere Level moves. And we’re halfway through Yuna’s ninety-nine level’s and it looks like we’re gonna run out of Power Sphere gawd dammit. We’ll have to cut this one a little short. So, there’s Yuna’s stats and overall Sphere Grid progression. So, their’s a ‘Traveller’s Save Sphere‘. I hope you enjoyed this episode and I’ll see you on the next!

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