Final Fantasy X – MONSTER CREATION [CATASTROPHE] (4K) Save Sphere 32: HD Remaster | Episode ~ 177


Transcript: Hello and welcome back to the one hundred and seventy-seventh episode of this Final Fantasy X HD Remaster playthrough. So normally, I would have started this off trying to get a Triple AP Weapon drop from the One-Eye but, considering It’s the last ah, Weapon we need, it can be a little frustrating and takes awhile and requires a bit of luck. So, I’ve decided to make the Weapon with the ingredients we got and we’re gonna also Bribe some ingredients. And It’s gonna be just as effective as lesser grade Triple AP Weapon. So, we’ll purchase the Malleable Staff in the Calm Lands for Yuna for seven hundred and fifty thousand seventy-five thousand! Now, I guess the first priority is, we’ll get what we need to make it and then we’ll get into the battles. Okay so, we need to um, verse the Sand Worm twice. We’re gonna perform our first Bribe ever and a hefty Bribe it will be. Let’s use Rikku. Where’s Bribe? Alright so, here we go.

I hope it works and I just got the trophy ‘Under the Table’ Was expecting that and there we got fifteen but, sixteen Winning Formula. So, we’re gonna do that one more time. It’s quite an expense but It’s the last Weapon. Alright, there goes two and a quarter million Gil and there’s the Winning Formula again. So, let’s now customise Yuna’s new Weapon and we’re gonna add Double AP. So normally, we would have got a Triple AP Weapon drop. But we got that so I thought that’s worth using. Overdrive – AP and Triple Overdrive we just bribed our way to getting. And It’s transferred into a Judgment without an ‘e’. So, that should be equivalent so now, we’re gonna set up our Formation, Weapon’s etc. And, we’re gonna challenge our thirtieth Monster Creation from the Original list and that is this here Catastrophe! And we’re just gonna unleash Hail Mary’s of Attack Reels. Auron’s gonna Entrust Wakka with his Overdrive meter and that should drop this fiend Catastrophe.

So with that out the way, we can move onto our farming. This time, we’re gonna farm some Kottos three times instead of two times. Tidus is gonna apply Power Distiller, Speed and Mana Distiller also. Your joking! Think we got the rare drop, had to of happen, unbelievable! There’s our forty Power Sphere, forty Speed Sphere and finally forty Mana Sphere. We’ll get right down to the Earth Eater for our two Fortune Sphere. Please do not drop Dark Matter right now. We’ve already done enough for the episode as is. This feels like It’s taking an eternity to bring this down. Yes, two Fortune Sphere. Which now leaves farming Sphere Level’s so let’s bring Lulu and Yuna and make sure they’ve got there Triple AP Weapons. They do, so Stoic oh yeah. We’ll set Yuna’s Mode to Comrade, Lulu Comrade, Wakka Stoic! Where is Don Tonberry? So, we’ll just skip with Yuna and Lulu and attack with Wakka. Oh ah, that shouldn’t matter, he’s already got max Sphere Level’s.

So, let’s see if Yuna and Lulu have sorta the same amount, yep, of the Sphere Level’s gained. Even though they are different, made differently, but some how it works the same. So I am happy about that. One more time and that should be ninety-nine Sphere Level’s for Yuna and Lulu which leaves topping up on Phoenix Down and power levelling them two characters. We’ll start with Lulu! Hopefully, we don’t run out of any Red Sphere’s. We’ll probably come close. Okay from here we’ll go, let’s just go up. I just realised I missed a HP Sphere there, but It’s not far from that section so it will be fine. So from here, I guess we’ll go down there. How many steps? Yeah that’s alright. Now for Yuna, we can start power levelling her. The final character to do there once over. We’re halfway through Yuna’s ninety-nine Sphere Level’s. Never expected Yuna to be the last character to be power levelling, but here we are and Yuna’s stats and overall Sphere Grid progression. So, their’s a ‘Traveller’s Save Sphere‘. I hope you enjoyed this episode and I’ll see you on the next!

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