Grand Theft Auto III – GANGCAR ROUND-UP (4K) The Definitive Edition | Episode ~ 053

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Transcript: Hello and welcome back to the fifty-third episode of this GTA III The Definitive Edition video game series. Jump in our Perennial and head over to the optional payphone mission speaking to King Courtney himself. Here we are. ‘Gangcar Round-Up‘. Okay, looks like we’ll be visiting a Pay ‘N’ Spray a couple of times probably. Alright, well we know where the Mafia Sentinels are. There’ll be heaps driving around in ah, Salvatore Leone’s area. Um, Diablo Stallion’s are easy to spot. Near the Diablo gang because they got like a flame-job on a black car. So that shouldn’t be an issue. I think the Mafia might be an issue because their hostile now. So we’ll see if we can, we’ll go there first, try and get them out the way.

And Yukuza Stinger, well that will be the easiest because their not hostile and I know there’s a Yakuza Stinger that’s parked out front of Asuka Kasen, her hut. I don’t have to go too deep in Mafia territory if they are hostile. I think some, or a lot have shotguns and that’s not good. Big damage gun close range. There’s one, wait there buddy. That’s exactly sorta where I wanted it to be appearing away from bloody Mafia. That’s mad. Awe, there’s one their. So far, so good. Can’t complain. Just try not to damage this. Awe! That’s ridiculous. At least I didn’t get damaged. Jinxed myself there. As soon as I said it. Bloody crazy truck driver what are you doing mate? What company do you work for. Alright, we got the Mafia gang car boosted!

Time to boost a temporary ride if there’s a vehicle coming that is. Sorry love. I need your Moonbeam. King Courtney business. So, Diablo Stallion, we’ll I’ll just head toward the Diablo gang area. That should be good enough. A-hem, excuse me. So we should find one soon around here. There we go. Awe, there’s police. Oh my god there hostile too. I didn’t think the Diablo’s were hostile like that. I guess they are now. Must have been recent. Probably cause of the King Courtney mission taking out ten of em’. Maybe that’s what triggered it. Ah, so I go through Chinatown like an idiot. Yeah I’ll go to the Pay ‘N’ Spray back over there. Whoa there’s like no traffic by doing that. That’s sick, that’s madness.

That’s one way to get across there fast. Alright, oh, that’s not good being right near a Pay ‘N’ Spray like that. Come out and get shot up and back in again. Fingers crossed we get there in one piece from here. Alright, yeah we’ll just go this way. Might avoid danger. Oh, bit of scratch there. Diablo gang car boosted! Time for the easy one. Grab another Moonbeam. Okay, so we’ll just go that way. Take the next, not this, but the next right. Yakuza Stinger. Probably the better gang vehicle out of the three. Driving wise anyway. I guess It’s personal preference though. That’s it. Yakuza gang car boosted. Sorry, I need to borrow your Perennial. I hope you enjoyed that episode and I’ll see you on the next.

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