Grand Theft Auto III – BIG ‘N’ VEINY (4K) The Definitive Edition | Episode ~ 020

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Transcript: Hello and welcome back to the twentieth episode and mission of GTA III The Definitive Edition. Been having a lot of fun recently doing the optional payphone missions for El Burro. So, I think we’ll just stick with him. Keep it nice and tight. El Burro seems to be obsessed with his third member. Very protective of that. El Burro. Let’s see what you got today for us, or tonight. ‘Big ‘N’ Veiny‘. God, your asking a bit much there mate. Haven’t even met you in person. Awe, see an arrow. So we’ll head over to that. Okay, so we gotta collect magazines by sounds of things. Ah yeah up their.

Awe, less than a minute, okay. Gotta be quick here, that’s for sure. Fortunately, It’s night-time so theirs light underneath the magazines which helps a lot I’d imagine. Oh, just got a glimpse of that one. Ah right, yep. No indicator on the minimap which is okay. We are progressing through the game so things are bound to slowly get more difficult. Awe, just jump out in front of me like that, crazy. Awe that’s risky. Yep, did I miss one? Yep, bloody hell that was a silly idea. Oh, won’t be doing that again. Left, left. Bloody Triads shooting me up. Ah right. Awe man that timer is tight. Awe if they blow up this vehicle, I’ll be so annoyed.

Where we going? Ten seconds. This a good mission, cause it makes you have to hustle. Still at that ten second mark just. One mistake and I’ll be right down near zero. Go one wrong direction. Phew. Surprisingly It’s quite a distance. Ah which way, which way? Right. This feels like It’s near the end coming in this direction. Ah left, awe move, wow, crazy. God that mistake made things a lot harder, there we go. So do we need to waste somebody, is that what, this guy? What the. Briefs. Waste him, ah yeah. So that he spilt all that evidence, now I gotta waste him. Proper little drive-by. I don’t condone that in real life. Wait what?

Awe yeah cause I picked up all the evidence in that car. At least there’s no timer. I know where we are. Been here before a couple times now. So where gonna go deliver these mags at, in the Red Light District. Fitting name for this type of ah, business this guys involved in. For this product. XXX Mags. Some happy merchants. And done. You go ahead and enjoy that big veiny member. Alright, ‘Big ‘N’ Veiny’ completed. And we’ll continue in the Rumpo, head over and save it. Awe yeah, that guy just came outta nowhere. That was a fun episode. Is that a magazine there? Get a copy, funny. Hope you enjoyed that episode and I’ll see you on the next.

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