Grand Theft Auto III – TRIAL BY FIRE (4K) The Definitive Edition | Episode ~ 019

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Transcript: Hello and welcome back to the nineteenth episode and mission of GTA III The Definitive Edition. And as previously played where gonna continue rolling with El Burro the well endowed, anonymous. Or somewhat anon, anon, anonymous phone caller. We haven’t met him in person yet that is. ‘Trial By Fire‘. Arriba, arriba. Couldn’t help myself. We must go and protect the dignity of El Burro’s third member. We fight in his honour. He’s he. Oh, we’re blocked in here.

I hear somebody and it is a, looks like a blowtorch device flamethrower. Kill twenty-five triads okay. We got a timer so I best make this snappy. There we go there’s two, got ’em. I mean, you mess with El Burro this is what happens. Even innocent bystanders get um, my bad, not intentional. Thank god you can get ’em relatively easy cause if their running away it make it heaps harder if it takes a few hits. Awe It’s good that we have unlimited ammunition cause flamethrowers in most games run out somewhat quick.

See a few over there. Oh, don’t blow up near me! Whoa their shooting, or somebody is. These guys have guns but their not shooting. They sorta, I heard a few shots fired. Five more. Now, there we go, there’s plenty there. Four remaining and there’s five or six there. There we go! Yeah, look at all that loot. Alright, we got a flamethrower now and it does have ammunition to it. Ar yeah, cause that was like a sorta rampage mission looking thing wasn’t it, for a optional phone mission.

Well I don’t wanna now antagonise these guys cause they’ll definitely end me. Let’s get outta here before we get rolled. Okay, need a vehicle. Somebody’s getting shot at, It’s me. Go! Taxi. Take this. Awe he’s shooting at me. Huh wow, was not expecting that. Triads are after me now. Let’s head back and save it. Damn there pee’d off. Okay and that was ‘Trial By Fire’, fire being a flamethrower. Hope you enjoyed this episode and I’ll see you on the next.

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