Grand Theft Auto III – A DROP IN THE OCEAN (4K) The Definitive Edition | Episode ~ 080

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Transcript: Hello and welcome back to the eightieth episode of this GTA III The Definitive Edition video game series. Jump in our awesome Yardie Lobo. Some sick hydraulics on this. And we’re gonna go head over to Donald Love. The god damned son of a gun who made us kill Kenji Kasen. Not happy about that. But I guess it is what it is if you wanna progress throughout the main storyline. This is ‘A Drop In The Ocean‘. Get a boat and follow the plane with two minutes to complete it. Alright, let’s hustle.

We’ll take the Callahan Bridge cause we have to go over to Portland. I don’t know what that was, it was sliding out. C’mon we’re in a hurry here guys, get out of the way! Take the slip. Thirty seconds and theirs the plane by looks of it. Plane is now in range, let’s get a collecting. One package equals one star. Two packages is two stars. Four packages is worth three stars. Alright, we need our last package here. Alright so, six packages gave us four wanted star levels. So let’s try and get out of here now. Where are we going?

Oh, bottom of Staunton Island. Alright, we’ll take these docks. I think ah, infinite sprint will play a key role in survival here, cause we have four stars and no body armour. Oh my, get in! Get in the Stallion, let’s go. Oh, don’t you knock me into that ocean. Wait, why is it taking me all the way up there? Wow, four stars is next level difficulty with these police. As if I was gonna follow that GPS route, it was taking me around Woop Woop. Oh, road block. Oh my god. Oh no, we’re probably gonna blow up in this. Oh he’s giving me a boost. C’mon Stallion, drift around.

Oh yep, I was right, ah go! We’re right there. Some how I haven’t taken any damage. Alright, we’re here. Just got Offshore Delivery trophy, very nice. That was exciting ha. Dammit, we lost the Stallion. You served a good purpose there my friend. Okay, looks like we’ve just gained access to Shoreside Vale. The Staunton Island bridge mechanism has been fixed by some serious engineers. Very nice, but we got work that still needs to be done here before we head over that way, Shoreside Vale. Store this Idaho, not a big fan of ’em but It’s still a car. I hope you enjoyed this episode and I’ll see you on the next.

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